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Source: Facebook

Donnie and Teresa, the Beattyville Hillbillies, Are Everyone's Favorite 'Moonshiners' Duo


Discovery's Moonshiners is a huge hit for the network, and I don't think it just has to do with the fact that people love themselves a good old fashioned backyard boozy brew. The producers of the show managed to get themselves a bunch of folks who are genuinely in love with creating their own moonshine. That enthusiasm is pretty infectious and one of the best examples of that is Donnie and Teresa. 

Donnie and Teresa are Moonshiners' power couple.

The boyfriend-girlfriend couple, also known as the "Beattyville Hillbillies" are a hit with fans, not just because they're good at making moonshine (they are) but because they have such a great time doing it.

While moonshinin' wasn't always Teresa's passion, it's been a practice in Donnie's family that's been passed down for generations, and he's more than happy to share and refine the secret of his family's moonshine success with his better half.