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Source: ABC

9 Heartwarming Dr. Cox Moments That Will Make You Miss the 'Scrubs' Mentor


While many of the characters on Scrubs were seriously lovable, Dr. Perry Cox (played by John C. McGinley) will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Despite his hardened demeanor and uncanny ability to come up with seriously insulting nicknames for just about everyone, there is no denying he had a soft spot for JD, as well as most of his patients.

And in honor of John's 60th birthday on Aug. 3, we're going to revisit some of Dr. Cox's most heartwarming moments from each season. Grab the issues and popcorn, people, because these are major tear-jerkers.

1. He Rescues JD on His First Day ("My First Day," Season 1)

Source: ABC

JD (played by Zach Braff) has an undeniably rough first day on the job. Aside from struggling to find his "place" at Sacred Heart, he was absolutely terrified of doing the wrong thing, and — obviously — Dr. Cox was ragging on him relentlessly. 

But when a victim of a car accident is rushed in, JD is expected to take charge. And instead of yelling at him, Dr. Cox looks him in the eye, and reassures him, urging him to do his best.

"We gotta relieve the pressure in his chest. J.D., do it," he said. "Look at me. You can do this."