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13 Dry January Memes That'll Make the Month of Sobriety Fly By



We can hardly believe it's 2020 and that we've done a whole other rotation around the sun, but on the heels of all of the holiday overeating and binge-drinking, it may feel like your body needs something of a break. 

Enter "Dry January," the unofficial month that America has picked for cleansing, detoxing and being more all-around health conscious. 

The benefits of abstaining from alcohol for just 30 days are numerous: you might find yourself in a better mood, sleep more soundly, boost your immune system, improve your skin, lose some weight and of course, save all the money you would have been putting toward booze.

"Dry January appeals to someone who may have noticed a pattern that they're drinking a little bit more than they should, especially during the holidays," psychologist and author Michael Levy says, according to Good Housekeeping.

So, if you're embarking on the month-long cleanse (congratulations, you've already made it one whole week!), or are using January as a launching pad for a more extended sobriety, we've got just the memes to keep you on track, and maybe have you giggle a bit on the way.

Keep scrolling for 13 dry January memes that'll make the month go by faster and encourage your progress throughout.

One down, three to go!

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You got this!

The Saturday-morning feeling is unparalleled.

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Especially when you check in with all your friends who drank booze while you were hydrating on H20 and see how they're doing the following day.

It's the 2020 glow-up.

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Note: the smoother skin, cute bunny friend, all-around happiness.

Total peace of mind.

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You won't have to wake up the following morning trying to recall the conversations you had the night before spinning out on whether you said the wrong thing or unintentionally offended someone.

Wherever you go, there you'll be.

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Just because you're taking control of your drinking doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be less fun to hang out with. Or less crazy, for that matter.

Dry January is also a great excuse to unwind and self-care.

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See you later, booze. Right now it's all about flavored seltzer, movie marathons and face masks.

It's honestly very revitalizing and can often be more fun.

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Trading in overpriced and watered-down cocktails at the club in favor of Diet Cokes and yummy mocktails we can make at home? Count us in.

Choose me, pick me, love me.

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Never will you ever have been this proud to take the breathalyzer exam. Just pay more attention so you don't get pulled over next time, for crying out loud!


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The taste of apple cider vinegar (ACV in health circles) isn't for everyone (which is why it also comes in flavors — we like the lemon), but the health benefits are worth it. ACV can boost your energy, help with sore throats, lower your cholesterol, boost hair shine and curb your appetite.

The possibilities are endless.

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A month without substances can provide some great time for inner reflection and for setting intentions for the rest of the year.

We swear, your skin will thank you.

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Take before and after photos for added effect!

The mocktails abound.

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Bars are getting better at serving non-alcoholic libations, but if you're just chilling at home, look some up using your favorite juices and flavors and make your own refreshing nightcap at a fraction of the price.

If you can keep it up until next year...

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What a great feeling that would be.

Happy Dry January and congratulations on making this choice! Your body will thank you in just a few more weeks.

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