Most of Elizabeth Taylor's 10 Grandchildren Are Following in Her Footsteps

From artists and filmmakers to social workers and activists, Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren embody the essence of her legacy.

Sarah Walsh - Author

Mar. 4 2024, Published 10:33 p.m. ET

Elizabeth Taylor and her granddaughterattend the AMFAR dinner on May 10, 2001
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As a legendary Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor left behind so much more than just a legacy in film when she passed away in 2011. She was married eight times and had a total of four children herself, and she was also survived by many who loved her.

Together, those four children gave their mother 10 grandchildren, and every one of them is special. From artists and filmmakers to social workers and activists, they embody the essence of their grandmother's legacy.

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Despite growing up in the shadow of a Hollywood legend, they have forged their own identities while embracing Elizabeth's passion for philanthropy and advocacy. Through their various endeavors, they continue to honor her memory and contribute to causes close to her heart, particularly the fight against HIV/AIDS, a cause that Elizabeth tirelessly championed throughout her life.

Let's meet Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren and see what they're up to today.

Many of Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren are committed to the fight against AIDS.

Elizabeth Taylor embraces her granddaughter, Naomi Wilding, at a private dinner on March 18, 2003
Source: Getty Images

Elizabeth's oldest granddaughter, Laela Wilding, was born in 1971. She's the daughter of Michael Wilding Jr. and Johanna Lykke-Dahn. Laela works as a graphic designer and yoga instructor in Portland, Ore. Remembering her grandmother as hands-on and passionate about activism, Laela serves as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

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Naomi deLuce Wilding, born in 1976, runs the Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles with her husband, Anthony Gran. As an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation like her sister Laela, Naomi recalls her grandmother's commitment to destigmatizing HIV/AIDS and educating people about the disease.

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Tarquin Wilding, who was born in 1989, is a filmmaker and motorcycle enthusiast who also dabbles in acting.

Like his two older cousins, he's dedicated to continuing his grandmother's legacy in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Tarquin is making his mark as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Tarquin's younger brother Lowell is also an ambassador at the foundation and he's working on compiling the Elizabeth Taylor Archive.

Quinn Tivey, Anthony Cran, Kasimira Wilding, Tarquin Wilding, Naomi Wilding, and Laela Wilding attend The Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS on Sept. 17, 2021
Source: Getty Images
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Like many of her cousins, Elizabeth Carson also serves as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Elizabeth, who was born in 1982, was actually named after her famous grandmother. She is the daughter of Maria Burton, and she works as a social worker in New York City, where she advocates for child protection.

Three of Elizabeth's grandchildren are also in the arts!

Brother to Laela and Naomi, Andrew Wilding followed his grandmother into the filmmaking industry. he works primarily behind the camera as a cinematographer and producer.

Andrew's cousins, Quinn and Rhys Tivey, are also committed to the arts. Quinn focuses on preserving his grandmother's legacy, while Tivey is focusing on voice acting.

Their parents, Liza Todd and Happy Tivey support their sons in pursuing their dreams and preserving their grandmother's philanthropic endeavors.

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Two of Elizabeth's grandchildren have chosen a life of privacy instead of fame.

Caleb Wilding, born in 1983, is Elizabeth's eldest grandson. Since he leads a private life, not much is known about him except for his reported interest in motorcycles.

Richard McKeown is Elizabeth's youngest grandchild, and like Caleb, he also keeps a low profile. There's very limited information available about his life.

In their own unique ways, Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren continue to carry forward her legacy of compassion, activism, and artistic excellence. They're making sure that her impact on the world transcends generations.

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