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Source: YouTube

Emma Chamberlain's Acrylic Nails Are Inspiring AF


Anyone that follows Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube channel as religiously as I do is well-aware of her obsession with acrylic nails — the hilarious internet personality's finger tips are consistently decked out in different colors and designs, her videos often include a trip to the salon, and she talks about wanting to get her acrylics replaced on a pretty regular basis. At this point, it's almost safe to say that Emma is straight-up addicted to the acrylics lifestyle (though I can't imagine they make editing videos or going to Soul Cycle any easier). Will she stick with her acrylics for life, or will she go back to natural nails? Nobody really knows what her game plan is. 

A major part of Emma's aesthetic, however, are her beloved acrylics — honestly, at this point, I truly cannot imagine her without them. Plus, I get why she enjoys them so much — her hands always look flawless. In fact, if you're looking for a little acrylics inspo, Emma should be your go-to reference. Definitely check out Emma Chamberlain's top 10 acrylic nail ~lewks~ from the last year or so... and prepare for an overpowering wave of nail FOMO. Her acrylics game is so strong.

1. Louis Vuitton Fashion Show: High End Glam

Source: YouTube

Obviously Emma went all out for the Louis Vuitton 2020 Cruise show, so she decked out her acrylics with glitter, checkers, and — of course — an LV logo. High key jealous.