"I Probably Was in the Parking Lot" — Employee Caught Clocking in From Home

In a viral post, an employee was caught clocking in from home, and folks on social media are on the manager's side in the situation.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Aug. 17 2023, Published 5:08 p.m. ET

It’s no secret that some folks prefer to cut corners at work. On one side, some folks choose to take the easy way out when they feel slighted by management. On the other hand, some people are simply lazy and love taking advantage of the system.

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That said, social media stands as a hub for folks to share their experiences at work and dealing with managers — from the good to bad. And in a TikTok video, one woman shared a skit of an employee being caught clocking into work from home. Here’s the full scoop.

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An employee gets caught clocking in from home in a TikTok video.

You have to be slicker than that! In an Aug. 12. 2023, TikTok video, creator Chymarron Official (@chymarron_official) shared that she was confronted by her manager after she clocked into work from home on multiple occasions.

“Y’all be clocking in and don’t be at work … but I’m 'y’all' so it’s all good,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, the creator can be seen sitting at a table and her manager comes to talk to her outside of the frame.

The manager asks the woman if she can talk for a second and the woman says that she’s on lunch break. However, the manager said that her lunch was over two minutes ago.

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The manager then started to ask the woman how she clocks into work.

“If the policy says computer, I’m going to tell you computer,” the woman said.

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“Are you going to tell me the computer or where you actually clocked in from?” the manager asked.

And while the woman was a bit hostile, she said that she clocks in using the computer. However, the manager said that the lost 10 clock-ins show that the woman clocked in on her phone. The woman quickly said that she probably clocked in while she was in the parking lot.

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t expect for her manager to pull up the camera footage, which tells a completely different story.

The woman started to get testy about being under close surveillance and the manager reminded her about agreeing to being under surveillance with the job. After the ladies continued to go back and forth, the manager said that this was something that she wanted to bring to her attention.

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“I need you to stop clocking in on your phone when you’re not physically at the station at 5:53. You need to be physically at the station pulling in. Sure, you can clock in on your phone if that’s what you have to do to get your clock in on time. But if I pull that surveillance, you need to be in the parking lot,” the manager said.

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The woman then tried to make the argument that the minute she’s called in for work, she gets started with her hygiene so she’s already working. However, the manager quickly said that her routine before work is not in her contract.

The manager then said that “This could be a bigger deal, but she’s looking out for her employees.”

The ladies decided to squash the issue so it’s not reported to a higher manager and the woman asks to finish eating. The manager then said that her lunch is over but she can finish.

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TikTok users shared that the manager was not in the wrong.

One thing about TikTok users is that they are quick to call someone out on their foolishness. In this case, the creator was dead wrong for trying to cheat the system, and folks agreed that the manager was actually in the right.

“The manager was reasonable no need for all that attitude,” one user said.

“Manager [definitely] wins this one. Clocking in when you wake up is crazy,” another person said.

Truth be told, we’re used to annoying managers on TikTok being exposed, but this employee was simply acting like she could do whatever she wants. Don’t be like her.

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