“Do Employees Have to Sign NDAs?" — Woman Shows Price of Blueberry Pie at Erewhon

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 27 2023, Published 11:47 a.m. ET

With the prices being what they are in 2023, staying home with your groceries and a good movie or TV show to stream is the go-to event for anyone struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, with grocery prices also rising in the last few years, curling up on the couch with a sweet treat has become the equivalent of going out for a decently priced meal.

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As one woman on TikTok discovered, even a slice of blueberry pie can be a luxury item in this day and age. Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see how much the renowned dessert costs at the woman’s local grocery store!

A slice of blueberry pie and whipped cream
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An Erewhon shopper shared the ridiculous price for a slice of the store’s blueberry pie.

For many of us, going to the grocery store and NOT grabbing a dessert that was coincidentally left off the grocery list is nearly impossible, however, after seeing the price of just one piece of an Erewhon blueberry pie.

In case you didn’t know, Erewhon is a natural foods market with multiple locations nationwide, including Los Angeles County, Calif. During a Thanksgiving shopping run to one of the market’s LA locations, a TikTok user named Sara (@saraandcrew) highlighted Erewhon’s exorbitant prices.

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In Sara’s TikTok, she writes, “Guess the price of this blueberry pie slice at Erewhon,” a clear sign the price wasn’t the average $5-10 for a pie slice. As Cardi B’s “Bongos” plays over the video, Sara scans through Erewhon’s bakery aisle. She then picks up a slice and shows the pie slice is worth $42.

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Yes, you read that correctly. A standalone, albeit massive pie slice, is no cheaper than a Grubhub order. And no, that’s not counting delivery fees!

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Sara’s TikTok commenters’ guesses on the price of the blueberry pie were utterly inaccurate.

When Sara asked those watching her video to “guess” the price of a blueberry pie at Erewhon, I guessed so as not to feel left out. Now, I’ve never been great at guessing games, but I could’ve never imagined a slice of pie, not a whole one, was worth more than $15 tops. Apparently, I was disgustingly wrong, as the pie is almost triple my estimate.

The price of the Erewhon pie is likely because the company describes itself as a “Certified Organic Retailer” and, hopefully, produces fresh fruits to use in its pies. Still, those looking to add more organic foods to their diet, even in dessert form, shouldn’t have to pay almost half of $100 to do so.

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Underneath the video, Sara asked her community to “guess the price: Erewhon edition” and to “let me know if you were correct.” Unsurprisingly, no one in the comment section guessed the correct price, but nearly everyone was in disbelief by the cost of the pie slice.

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“I thought it would be 20 or 25. Why is it 42? Someone who works at Erewhon should talk about working there,” one user wrote, to which another commenter assumed, “I feel like Erewhon workers sign NDAs 'cause I never hear them speak out about this stuff lol.”

“I said $14, thinking that would be the absolute max even Erewhon would do 😳,” said a user.

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“My guess was so confident, and it was $9.99 😂,” a fourth commenter said.

While one user said Erewhon possibly makes its employees sign NDAs, one brave employee at the company’s Santa Monica store commented that a fellow employee may have tagged the price incorrectly. I definitely hope that’s the case, but I still know where not to get my pie in LA!

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