"Why Is Rotisserie Chicken $10?!” Man Says Budgeting Doesn’t Help With Inflated Prices

Budgeting can be a tricky concept for most people. But one man on TikTok believes the real problem is the exorbitant costs of everything.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Oct. 11 2023, Published 11:28 a.m. ET

We’ve all heard the phrase “save for a rainy day” in regards to personal finances. There’s even a Kenny Chesney song about doing so. And terms like “rainy day funds” have also been used to stress the importance of having money for when the hard times come your way.

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For many people, budgeting the money they earn from their jobs has been a successful way for them to ensure they can fund the pitfalls life throws at them. Although budgeting certainly requires patience and much more willpower than some people possess, it unfortunately isn’t for everyone.

As one man on TikTok explained, not even a budget crafted by Suze Orman herself (look her up, kiddos) would work against the inflation many witness daily.

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A man suggests that “prices need to go down or my pay needs to go up” rather than budgeting.

Many content creators on TikTok and other platforms have built their followings by helping people of all incomes — from “traditional” college students to those climbing the corporate ladder — budget every dime they bring in. One of my favorite budget content creators is Tiffany Aliche, who built her brand, The Budgetnista, to help everyday people budget for the future they deserve.

While there are tons of resources about budgeting, some content creators have suggested that budgeting isn’t the solution to getting ahead. According to one TikTok creator, Uzo, who goes by @uzoiswho on the platform, budgeting doesn’t work for people who are simply not making enough to survive.

In September 2023, Uzo explained that, rather than budgeting, “prices either need to go down, or my pay needs to go up.”

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Uzo then said he’s someone who is “fairly reasonable” with his spending and prioritizes his necessities (i.e., rent, utilities, household items), and takes care of the extra things he wants “within a reasonable parameter.”

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Uzo added that his “wants” are never extreme and he doesn’t believe he needs to track his spending because no “money is flying out of my ears” and is too difficult to track.

“Things just cost too much!” Uzo declared in his video.

The TikToker reiterated that his budgeting, or lack thereof, isn’t the problem, it’s the cost of living. In his caption of the TikTok, Uzo shared one of the painfully high expenses he’s seen, asking, “WHY DOES A ROTISSERIE CHICKEN COST $10?!?”

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Many budget-adverse people fully agreed and supported Uzo’s take on budgeting.

Uzo’s TikTok made me feel incredibly seen. As someone who has had a rocky relationship with budgeting, I agree that, in many cases, capitalism and inflation are the root of why people don’t have enough money to spend at the end of the month. If you’re only slightly above or on the cusp of a livable wage, you will always fall short — even if you’re the most frugal spender you know.

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Many other TikTok users agreed with Uzo and me and shared as much in his comments section. Underneath his TikTok, he received hundreds of comments from people who shared they didn’t want anything fancy — just reasonably priced rotisserie chicken!

“I remember when I could get a rotisserie chicken for $5 😭,” one commenter said. “And that was like, less than 5 years ago?!” Prices have definitely gotten crazy.

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“No, because I DON'T WANT A PRIVATE JET OR PERSONAL CHEF 😭,” a second user declared “I just want to chill and enjoy my life.” People want to be able to live comfortably, which seems to be a challenge right now.

“And I’m NOT getting a second job,” another frustrated commenter said. “Because why should I run myself into the ground to pay for regular life necessities?”

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