Locked Out of an Airbnb? Guest Decides to Break the Glass Door

A guest and their family was locked out of their Airbnb and decided to break the door to get back in. We break down (pun intended) what happened.

Allison Hunt - Author

Oct. 10 2023, Published 8:31 p.m. ET

Let us set the scene for you: your whole family is on vacation in Florida. You got into the Airbnb with no problem, dropped off all your stuff, and went out for a bite to eat. When you return to the Airbnb you find that you can't get in and are locked out. What do you do?

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While a lot of things may cross your mind, we have a feeling that breaking the front door isn't one of them, but that's exactly what one guest did when this exact scenario happened to them. How do we know? Well, the whole ordeal was filmed and put on TikTok of course.

Let's break down (pun intended) what happened.

A guest breaks the door after being locked out of an Airbnb

The video posted on TikTok by @andrewmauricegarfield has 2 million views at the time this article was posted, with 60,000 likes and 4,695 comments. Apparently, lots of people can relate.

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The video has the text, "First night in Florida, a family got locked out of their Airbnb, the owner said they couldn't come to 7 a.m." We assume this means that once the family knew they were locked out, they alerted the Airbnb hosts, who wouldn't able to come let them back into the unit until the next morning. It is unclear if the family forgot their keys or if the keypad that lets them into the Airbnb itself was broken. Either way, they were locked out.

The video starts with one of the guests taking what looks like a sidewalk slab and slamming it into a glass panel part of the door until it breaks. We can hear someone in the background (probably the mom) say, "Be careful," multiple times.

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The guest was able to get through the glass panel but ended up shattering the entire door. You hear someone in the background say "we made a bad decision," and we personally would have to agree.

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It turns out that there is glass on both sides of the door so the guest continues to hammer (for lack of a better term) away at the inside portion of the glass. Another voice is heard saying, "We don't have insurance bro," and then jokes, "My husband's a doctor and we don't have insurance."

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The man is able to get his hand through to unlock the door from the inside. Once he does this and opens the door, you can see that it is completely shattered. We assume the family knew that this was a possibility when they made the choice to break the glass.

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Naturally, the commenters are as confused by the choice to break the door as we are. One person wrote, "This is like literally the last thing I would think to do in this situation," while another commented, "In what world do they think it's ok to break the Glassdoor!!??"

Others are commenting that you don't get locked out at hotels.

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One commenter wrote, "You know where I've never had to break a window to get inside? A hotel." Another wrote that a "hotel would be cheaper than what the door is going to cost," and another agreed that they would have gotten a hotel and made, "the host pay for it."

Even if the guests not being able to get in their Airbnb was out of their control, breaking the door would definitely be a cost that they would have to pay for. We agree that getting a hotel for the night, or even a locksmith, would have been a better and cheaper option.

Sadly there is no story time up on what exactly happened, but we are praying to the TikTok Gods above that the algorithm brings us back.

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