A Man Loses the Toothpaste He Never Actually Looked for — Why Can't Men Find Things?

This man couldn't find his toothpaste but it was hidden in plain sight. Please tell us why his wife found it immediately. Are men hard of searching?

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 10 2023, Published 4:06 p.m. ET

Husband can't find toothpaste TikTok
Source: TikTok/@teezy456789 (video still)

It was hiding in plain sight

I have a terrible memory. It's so bad that when people share stories that I was actually involved in, I react as if I'm hearing them for the very first time. You know what? I sound pretty fun. Another byproduct of being unable to hold onto anything, is constantly searching for items I've lost. Here's the thing, I never actually lose these things. I simply put them down somewhere an immediately forgot where that was.

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I will literally say to myself, "I'm going to keep this here so I remember where it is," then promptly forget where "here" is. A tragic memory is great for rewatching movies and terrible for retaining information for a test. And so it goes. Perhaps that's what's happening to one man on TikTok who couldn't find his toothpaste. His wife located it and as my grandma used to say, "If it had been a snake it would've bit him."

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Time to retrace your steps!

Teezy, who goes by @teezy456789 on TikTok has "a lot of thoughts," or so her bio says. Most of them revolve around life with her husband, their baby, and a rambunctious doberman pinscher. Naturally small disagreements and pet peeves are bound to crop up and for the sake of transparency, they must be documented.

In one TikTok, Teezy is called upon to solve the mystery of her missing toothpaste which quickly becomes the mystery of her husband's missing toothpaste. Upon waking up she groggily makes her way to the bathroom in order to brush her teeth.

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What I am most intrigued by is the fact that she's brushing her teeth straight away. I always eat breakfast first. Am I a gross weirdo? Two dentists spoke with the New York Times and they made a case for both.

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One said before because mornings are when mouth bacteria is the worst. Another said after, but way 30 minutes, due to "bacteria lingering in your mouth that could multiply and produce acids during breakfast and for the rest of the day." OK, back to the toothpaste.

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Realizing her toothpaste had vanished, Teezy wandered over to her husband's sink which is separated by what appears to be an enormous closet. I cannot stress this enough, men and women should have separate bathrooms or the very least, separate sinks. This is especially important if you live with a dude who shaves.

Lo and behold, Teezy's toothpaste was sitting next to her husband's sink. She asks her husband where her toothpaste is, knowing full well it made its way to his area of the world. This is what we in the sneaky business call: being a tricky trickster.

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The reason why Teezy's hubby needed to snag her toothpaste was because he couldn't find his. As a reminder, this man could be cursed with ridiculous memory problems. I once "lost" something I was carrying in my own hand. Actually now that I'm writing this out, it may be worth looking into.

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With this new information, Teezy heads back to her husband's sink and lifts up a hat sitting next to her toothpaste. Like a magician at a failing nightclub, she essentially pulls his toothpaste out of the hat. Depending on when her husband took off his hat, it absolutely sounds like a memory issue! The real problem is, why didn't he actually move his hat. It's hard to miss.

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Dr. Ricky Arenson, M.D., author of "Women Are Superior To Men," has some ideas about why men can't ever seem to find things. "Men struggle to find things right in front of their eyes because they evolved to be protectors and hunters; they approach tasks with a single-minded focus," he said in his book. "Functional brain mapping using MRI equipment has shown that when men concentrate, they focus activity in one area of the brain."

Because of this singular way of thinking, Dr,. Arenson said men will often miss something if it doesn't match up with the image in their heads. So for Teezy's husband, it's possible he was of course picturing the toothpaste and didn't think to move his hat as it looked nothing like the item he was searching for. Guess it's true, women are superior to men!

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