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Tweeting From a Refrigerator: 20+ Times People Took Fandom Way Too Far



While it seems like the world is overwhelmingly a negative place and the harshest, most critical voices are usually the loudest, that's not always the case. Especially on social media where there are throngs of "stan" accounts where folks are more than happy to let everyone and their mother know how much they love a specific artist, public figure, food, phenomenon, animal, literary movement...whatever.

Heck, I think 18 percent of all tweets are about K-Pop groups and throngs of trendily dressed and colorfully hair-dyed members and how they're the greatest thing since the last performer the person was obsessed with and ready to die for.

Twitter account Pop Religion (@popligion) created a thread of "stans wildin'" and it's truly one of the most remarkable journeys into the scary psyche of uber fans.

Tweeting for Ariana through a refrigerator.

Usually I just stand in front of the thing decide I really don't want to eat anything and grab some cheese anyway and sit back on the couch.

Some Stans only have eyes for that one star.

Like this Lady Gaga die-hard who thought Halsey was a Make-a-Wish kid.

The only way to contact the father of your child is through his stan account.

Imagine stanning someone so hard that they matter to you more than someone you're dating, or publicly airing your abortion in an attempt to talk to the artist you idolize.

Nothing'll stop this fan from wishing Harry Styles a Happy Birthday.

Not even a restraining order. I guess popping out of a cake with your homemade Harry doll is out of the question. But hopefully that restraining order ends soon!

When there are only two options: stanning or death.

Not many people know about the third option, however: going to the mall.

Just try and insult an artist that's being stanned by a psychopath.

It's hard to imagine these folks sticking up for themselves and their own lives as much, but hey, whatever makes you happy.

They sometimes use weird bragging points.

"My celebrity is better than yours, did you know she never had surgery?"

When you stan so hard you take a fat dump on the civil rights movement.

You know there's somewhere who read that, nodded to themselves, and thought, "Plus Nicki's still alive."

When there's only one Queen Elizabeth in your mind.

400+ years later, still carrying that torch proudly. It's almost admirable, going to start doing that with family members named after our great-great-great grandparents and act like the living ones don't exist.

Sometimes, they own up to it.

Or they're just reacting to the fact that their stanning wasn't hard enough to keep Demi safe.

When you commit fraud then double down.

Imagine offering a corporation's products and then telling them to "mind your business" when they call you out on it. Cold-blooded.

When you straight-up deceive people to stream a song.

Tall tales, fibs, lies, "Fake News", misdirection, whatever you want to call it, a stan will get creative to get more listens for their favorite artist.

Sometimes they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed though.

But if you stan shamelessly, then you live shamelessly. That's the way it works.

She didn't stan hard enough.

Aww, she was just looking for a friend. Sorry it couldn't be with TayTay.

Race baiting for a perceived affront.

Taylor Swift fans were so pissed off at Sia for tweeting her support of Scooter Braun that they took a photo of her in the process of applying makeup to her face by saying she once did a show in blackface. Which...isn't true at all. 

When you stan so hard for Bey, there's only one Vogue.

And that's the Beyhive Vogue. 

When you stan Ariana so hard her shoes matter more than a dead artist in a photo.

At least they put RIP for Mac Miller in the caption. That was considerate of them. But seriously though where can I get those sneakers?

I feel bad for artists sometimes.

How in the world do you react to a fan wanting to take a photo with both you and the ashes of their dead parent?

Nickname awkwardness.

I'll just see myself out of this thread. Don't...really...know what to say or comment.

One big part of stanning is roasting "enemies."

So if you love Selena, you're going to use every opportunity you can to take a shot at Demi Lovato. It's science.

Sometimes the fights just don't stay online, either.

They're willing to throw down in person, too.

It's easy to get your heart broken sometimes, too.

Like this Ariana Grande fan who had their artwork of the singer critiqued harshly by a fellow fan after it was misconstrued as a cruel joke.

This doesn't really have to do with stanning per se.

This is just hilarious in all of the wrongest ways.

The stan rivalry's get heated.

A brutal, yet fantastic burn.

Wait, ya'll did what?!

I just don't get why some people work so hard to support the accomplishments of others instead of putting in that much work to recognize their own dreams?

If the enemy of who you stan posts ANYTHING-

It's an immediate cause for ridicule. Even if you have no idea what they posted for whatever reason.

You have to admire the boldness.

Either they attempted a freestyle when they clearly can't rap, or set up that joke for a Nicki stan they knew would take the bait. It's brilliant no matter what.

Insulting the dead to stan. Nice.

At least there was an apology.

How dare they?!

Seriously, the world needs to know how much better bass is than treble, figuratively speaking of course.

When you accidentally murder your pet for Ariana.

Poor little fishy.

That's an...oddly specific request.


Whoa there.

When you act like you don't care someone commented before you that you don't even read the entire thread so you can jump down their throat to tell them you don't care but it's obvious to everyone else it eats away at your soul. Holy moly.

Thanks for sharing...?

I hope Taylor saw that tweet. That's an example of some serious dedication wow.

When you stan so hard it costs you your job.

Why don't you work as, I don't know, a PR person so you can be a professional stanner?

Be careful what you comment online.

Because if you mess with a fan's favorite artist, they'll find your address and leak it online. 

It finally happened.

Someone accidentally hit the "share" button on something no sane person would ever want to share. Who thought putting those there would be a good idea in the first place?!

When social media virtue police meet stans.

Don't you know anything about the Gaga fandom? Ugh.

Selana Gomez = Michael Jackson.

This is a full blown research paper, not a series of tweets.

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