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Source: KTVB

Hospital Sends Warning About "Fake" Car Seats and Parents Are Freaking Out


This hospital in Boise, Idaho is cautioning parents about being duped into buying "fake" car seats.

It's a given that every single parent ultimately wants what's best for their child. Companies know this, which explains why the Baby product industry is a booming and ever-growing market. What kind of person would skimp on a product when it comes to keeping their bundle of joy happy and healthy?

The problem, however, is that a lot of companies know that parents are more than willing to lay their money down for their children, and they end up creating items for your baby that are functionally useless.

This could ultimately have a negative effect not just on your wallet but your overall baby's well being. Why? Because while you're dropping a ton of cash on some products that don't matter, you may ultimately end up looking for cheaper options on things you shouldn't.

Like your child's car seat. While shopping around for strollers and car seats, you might find yourself overwhelmed by some of their prices. Some of the highest rated stroller/car seat combos, like this Uppababy Vista, can run you well over $1,000 after you option it all out.

All of that scratch can get people looking at cheaper, lower cost options, but there's a danger to that: they won't actually protect your baby in the event that an accident does occur.