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Source: istock

Reminder: WiFi Baby Monitors Are Super Scary


These recent stories about hackers exploiting security flaws in WiFi-connected baby monitors might get you re-thinking whether or not you want to put these high-functioning pieces of tech in your home.

It's understandable why someone would want a "smart" baby monitor: the ability to see your kids no matter where you are in the house, or maybe if you're at work and want to see them going about their baby business, is enticing.

The "parenting" market has a certain command over other types of consumer goods, and it's because of a simple premise: you'd do/pay anything to make sure your baby is safe and happy, wouldn't you?

So why wouldn't you spend a little extra money on a superior baby monitoring experience? There's WiFi-connected refrigerators and washing machines, why shouldn't your baby monitor beam signals to the internet, too?

It turns out that there's some pretty good reasons why not: because people can hack them. And there have been a few stories on the internet about what happens when hackers meet baby monitors.

It's not an easy way to case your house for security flaws or to see when no one is home so they can rob the place. They're doing it to freak out your children.