It's Raining... Iguanas? Florida Issues "Falling Iguana" Warning for Christmas Day!

Floridians beware! Due to the upcoming cold front in Florida, the state issued a "falling iguana" warning for Christmas day. Here's what to know!

Gabrielle Bernardini - Author

Dec. 24 2020, Published 11:56 a.m. ET

falling iguana warning
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Watch out, it's raining iguanas!

While many people hope for a white Christmas during the merry holiday, it appears Florida residents will be getting something else falling from the sky... and it's not snow. 

Florida issued a "falling iguana" warning due to the cold front settling in this month (December 2020). Keep reading to find out more about this unusual warning.

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Florida issues a "falling iguana" warning. What to know!

The National Weather Service in Miami issued a warning to Floridians about "falling iguanas" being a major possibility on Christmas day. 

"Brrr!" the site tweeted. "Much colder temps expected for Christmas. Low temperatures in the 30s/40s and falling iguanas are possible. Keep up with forecast changes and stay warm!" 

falling iguana warning
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So, why do Floridians have to worry about iguanas falling in the Sunshine State? According to meteorologist Chris Michaels, iguanas are warm-blooded creatures that stiffen and will fall out of trees if the temperature drops too low.

"At about 50 degrees, iguanas can become lethargic," Michaels said (via USA Today). "It’s when the temperature drops to about 40 degrees or lower that their blood doesn’t move around as quickly. As a result, they can stiffen up and fall out of the trees in which they frequent."

But, don't assume that these warm-blooded creatures are dead. Experts say that if you see an iguana, it is best to not touch or disturb them as they are prone to biting when no longer dormant.

"Even if they look dead as a doornail, they're gray and stiff, as soon as it starts to heat up and they get hit by the sun rays, it's this rejuvenation," Ron Magill, communications director of the Miami Zoo told The New York Times in 2017. "The ones that survive that cold streak are basically passing on that gene." 

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falling iguana warning
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Additionally, it has been reported that this may be the coldest Christmas in Florida in more than two decades. "Are we going to see the COLDEST Christmas in 21 years for South FL? We just might! Last time Miami saw high temps in the 60s on Christmas was 1999! BUT WAIT there's more! Morning lows Saturday AM will plummet into the low-30s/low-40s with most areas having wind chills in the 30s," the Weather Service tweeted. 

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Twitter reacts to "falling iguana" warning!

Following the falling iguana alert, people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on upcoming forecast. "Florida residents PLEASE prepare now for falling iguana! Remember, they are (probably) not dead...just cold. Leave them alone until the temp rises," one person tweeted. Another person added, "Snow? Pffft whatever.  We have a falling iguana warning, because #Florida."

One Florida resident tweeted, "You know you're in #Florida when you get an official Falling Iguana Warning for #Christmas." Another posted, "Well, this is the time of year we dread here in South Florida...The time when you dare not walk under a tree, or spend the days looking up for your own safety. Yes, it is cold, and that means it is now Falling Iguana Season..... You have been warned.... And yes this is real."

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