"Karen" Tries to Shut Down the Music at Farmers Market — Cops Have a Hilarious Response

“Everyone was legit having a good time except her."

Jamie Lerner - Author

May 9 2024, Published 6:17 p.m. ET

The Internet is full of “Karens” — typically white women who just don’t want to have a good time. There’s always something for “Karen” to complain about and when they’re found out in the wild, we can’t help but laugh at their rage over the most minuscule things. Our latest Karen entertainment comes from a woman at a farmers market who took a musician to the police (yes, you read that right) because he was too loud.

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TikToker and musician Jeremiah Miller shared a video on TikTok of himself singing Pharrell’s “Happy” while rolling through a farmers market. He has the voice of an angel and the vibes of a bar mitzvah DJ (good vibes only!). For some reason, though, one woman Karens out on him and takes him to the police, but the result is shocking.

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A Karen gets mad at a musician for singing at a farmers market.

Farmers markets aren’t just “marketplaces.” If they were just for buying and selling, we’d go on Amazon. They’re also for bringing communities together. Farmers markets are a place to showcase art, sing songs, and make connections with other members of the community by shopping and supporting local vendors. But not all local vendors are created equally.

One such vendor was a Karen, whose real name we don’t know, who complained to Jeremiah to turn down his music. He shared a video of the entire incident, which begins with her walking over to him to turn his speaker down mid-song, and when he’s too busy singing and riding the hoverboard to do so, she says, “Let’s go to the police.”

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He gladly follows her to the police at the end of the block as onlookers jam out to Jeremiah’s uplifting song and smooth vocals. As they pass the fire station, the local firefighters give approving looks to Jeremiah as they enjoy the song. Once they get to the police, Jeremiah finishes the song, apologizes, and says it was his last one anyway.

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The police don’t really seem to care since 99 percent of the community and farmers market attendees were enjoying it. And hilariously, as the Karen retreats back to her station, one of the policemen even shouts “Free Bird,” hoping for an encore.

It’s clear that the law was on Jeremiah’s side — he may have even had a permit that allowed him to perform at the market. And since he respectfully followed the Karen, there’s really nothing for her to complain about once he’s done singing.

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The commenters are all on Jeremiah’s side and even pointed out the irony of the Karen’s complaint.

As the Karen brought Jeremiah to the police, she complained that the music was too loud and that vendors were unable to buy and sell. However, she was the only one complaining. As she brought Jeremiah to the police, she may have left her booth unmanned, meaning that the sales she was so worried about losing due to one four-minute song might have actually been lost due to her absence.

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Sometimes, people are on such a high horse they forget why they’re actually complaining, which is a common theme among Karens. “Everyone was legit having a good time except her,” one person wrote. In fact, if everyone was loving the live singing and she shut it down, would she really expect to make more sales? People don’t like supporting small businesses who don’t support local artists.

“I love that he [kept] singing while following her,” one commenter laughed. Jeremiah wrote back with the apt response of a dedicated performer, “The show must go on bro!!” There was honestly no better way to handle the situation than what he did.

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If he flat-out stopped, the onlookers enjoying the performance would’ve been disappointed, and if he argued with the Karen, the situation might have escalated in her favor. Instead, he complied with her request while continuing to entertain the masses, gaining followers and respect in the process.

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