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Source: Courtesy of Taco Bell

How to Dress Up Like Your Fave Fast Food Items, Inspired by Taco Bell's Costumes


Taco Bell's Hot Sauce Packet costumes have gone viral amongst Tex Mex enthusiasts and hungry Halloween fanatics alike. For $39.99 you can dress up as your fave sauce, for $44.99 you can be a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and for $24.99 you can snag a seven-layer burrito costume for a baby. It's a foodie's dream.

Since you are what you eat, though, finding a fast food costume that accurately portrays your diet is vital. So here are five fast food Halloween costume ideas that are bound to tickle your fancy.

These fast food Halloween costumes are *almost* good enough to eat.

1. Burger King's Impossible Whopper

Source: Amazon

To dress up like Burger King's new meatless staple, start out by locating a burger costume on Amazon. Then, take a white flag, write "IMPOSSIBLE" on it, and — most importantly — pick up a BK crown from your nearest Burger King location. 

It's the perfect highly relevant costume idea... plus, you're advocating for meatless Mondays, and that's rad.