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Source: twitter

The Feeling Cute Challenge Is a Hilarious Spin on Humble-Brag Selfies


We've all taken selfies we're especially proud of. The trouble is, even though we're living in arguably the most narcissistic period of humanity, with everyone looking and behaving like a model on Instagram, we still need to temper our egos with some fake humility.

People who are obviously gorgeous in a photo will upload them on their social media accounts with some benign or false-humble text.

"Ugh I feel so ugly today."

"This is me thinking about chocolate."

"Not sure about this t-shirt."

People seem to feel the need to justify their bragging by creating some kind of "exit" strategy. Sure, one could just say, "Damn I look good right here." But I guess that's too bold. Which is why you can split the difference by saying instead, "Feeling cute. Might delete this later, idk."

It's a surefire way to cover your bases.

Source: twitter

You can acknowledge that you look good while seeking the adulation and attention from others that you clearly want. Then if anyone calls you out on it, you can safely "delete" the photo and claim you were feeling insecure. So you've got a way out if you wanted it.

It turns out that this phenomenon is a tale as old as time, and it's finally gotten the meme treatment it deserves.