Watch These Five Adult Men Collectively Scream With Fear at a Tiny Spider in Their Home

Is there anything more primal than the confusing fear humans have of spiders? Take these 5 grown men who lost their minds when one was in their house.

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Oct. 30 2023, Published 6:47 p.m. ET

In the 1990 hit film Arachnophobia, Jeff Daniels plays a doctor who relocates his family to a small town in order take over the practice of the only local physician. Moving from a city to the country certainly takes getting used to. For example, you think you want peace and quiet but if you're accustomed to the sounds of traffic and busy humans, silence can actually be deafening. Something Jeff's character also encounters in his new digs is far more wildlife than he previously dealt with.

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Perhaps a few extra insects or arachnids wouldn't be an issue if he didn't have a crippling fear of spiders. Unfortunately for him, a very dangerous one hitchhiked its way from the jungles of South America to their sleepy hamlet, and he has to face his fear to rid the town of their tiny murderous rampage.

Perhaps that's what these five men were thinking about, when a spider in their house nearly took them out. Thankfully there is video to prove it.

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We're walking in its spiderweb.

TikTok user @boobyjackson200 snagged a video shared by one of the five men who was victimized by a small spider. First of all, based on what little I see of this house, I am surprised it's occupied by a bunch of men who are probably in their twenties.

What shocks me the most is how clean the bathroom appears to be. I don't know if you've ever been in a bathroom that has ever been occupied by a man for any length of time, but a few things always stick out at me.

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While I can't see the inside of the sink, it doesn't appear to be absolutely covered in shaved facial hair. Why do some men leave these hairs in the sink as if it's an offering for a follicle-obsessed god? You've heard of Hera; well, this is Haira.

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I also see what appears to be towels on the bathroom floor. I assume these towels are down there for the purpose of absorbing post-shower water. I don't want to make broad generalizations about a house full of men, but I'm not used to seeing them preemptively put down a towel. Normally they are discarding the one they just used.

As we meet our on-camera hero, he is approaching a crooked photo of an old bus as if he needs to dismantle a bomb in a movie. With one shoe in hand, he creeps toward it, wielding his footwear like a weapon.

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In the background, off-camera, several men are yelling what sound like suggestions or possible words of encouragement. I'd like to think they had to draw straws or play rock, paper, scissors to see who would be sent in to slay the dragon.

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In a situation like this, it won't take long for folks to list their good deeds in an effort to excuse themselves from the running. Why should the guy who took out the garbage last week, kill a spider this week? Surely he has already met his good deed quota for the month.

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When the knight in shoe-ning armor finally works up the courage to get close to the picture, he quickly knocks it off the wall to reveal a sizable spider. To be clear, it's probably bigger than what they are used to, but it's still significantly smaller than all of them.

The screams that erupt from the mouths of each man rival that of any final girl in a horror movie. Terrified, the spider scurries away but sadly meets its fate when the shoe comes down quick and hard. I felt sad watching this video, and remembered that it's actually a good thing to have spiders in your home. They kill other unwanted bugs, which includes mosquitos and other spiders. And depending on what you believe, they are considered good luck. Honestly, they sound like great little roommates.

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