Woman Tells the Story of How a Spider Crawled in Her Ear While She Was Sleeping

In a now-viral video, a woman shared the horrifying way she discovered a spider crawled in her ear. She ended up having a panic attack.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 25 2023, Published 8:04 p.m. ET

As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to be afraid of spiders, this woman’s story just instilled a new fear in me. Not only was there a creepy crawler in her home, but this mischievous little guy ended up getting way too close for comfort while she was sleeping. He couldn’t just let her have a peaceful slumber!

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And OK, I know I can't talk for the spider, but I’m pretty sure he must have known he had no business being inside of a human ear, right? That isn't his typical habitat, but of course, he had to go exploring anyway.

A daddy long legs spider in a cellar
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Woman goes to urgent care after feeling something in her ear.

TikTok creator @desiraekelly took to the platform to share a recent traumatic experience.

In a series of videos, Desirae explained that one night she woke up from a deep sleep and felt something in her ear. Initially, she thought it was the tassels on her comforter, but when she woke up again 10–15 minutes later, she felt like there was actually something moving in her ear.

Desirae did a quick Google search, but the suggested remedies made her uncomfortable. That said, she decided to wait until urgent care opened to get checked out.

While waiting to be seen at the facility, Desirae felt something move in her ear again — and this time it was painful. Still, she convinced herself that maybe she was overreacting about everything and it was just earwax.

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The nurse at the urgent care confirmed that there was something in her ear. All she said to Desirae was that it didn't look like a moth, which in turn made her even more nervous. The nurse began flushing her ear out with water.

"I was tilting my head like this and I watched out of the corner of my eye something fall and land on my sweater. I should've known this wasn’t just a normal little bug when the nurse jumped back a step like instinctively," she said.

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Seconds later, Desirae saw the spider before it dashed to the other side of the room. She ended up crying and throwing up. Fortunately, the nurse caught the spider in a plastic container.

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"My hand is clutching my chest. Because all the oxygen has escaped me. I don't know how to freaking talk and all I can say is a spider," Desirae said.

Desirae explained that at the time she didn't realize it, but she was having a panic attack.

The nurse checked inside her ear to make sure that there wasn't anything else in there and confirmed that it was a common house spider. Everything was OK.

However, Desirae explains that she has been sleeping with earplugs ever since and doesn't know if she'll ever be able to sleep again without them.

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Users in the comment section were absolutely spooked by Desirae's story.

"I am scared to death by spiders. I would have literally died," wrote one user.

Another said, "Girl I'm traumatized and I wasn't even there."

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But unfortunately, there was a user who even related to Desirae's story. "I woke up to a wolf spider in my ear at 2 a.m. and screamed. I got it out, but slept with headphones for 3 years," one person wrote, proving that it might not be as a rare occurrence as we all thought it would be.

Several users also claimed that they regretted even hearing Desirae's story as it has totally put them on edge.

If you hated this story, then you definitely don't want to hear about how this woman almost swallowed an earwig after it crawled into her water bottle, The bugs are trying to take over and we must stop them!

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