Mom Picks Up Real Spider She Thought Was a Toy: “Never Have I Made a Sound Like That Ever”

While tidying up her son’s room, a woman picked up a real spider — and the words “cleaning day” were never the same. Here's what went down.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jun. 27 2023, Published 11:38 a.m. ET

Whether you’re a mom of one, five, or even a #dogmama, every mother has likely experienced cleaning up after their kids. Once they brave their child’s messy room, many moms expect to see a few toys lying around. But one woman discovered there was more to her son’s bedroom than meets the eye.

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TikTok user @courttshortt31 shared the incredible story of how she uncovered what she thought was one of her son’s toys. Here’s how she reacted when she discovered how live-action her child’s playthings could be.

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A mom was flabbergasted after picking up a real spider she thought was a toy.

On May 24, 2023, Court posted a 29-second TikTok from what appeared to be her home. While rocking an old t-shirt and a hairpiece fit for a day of cleaning, she asked her fellow moms if their kids “have any toys that look like this?” The “this” Court was referring to was a dark green toy spider that looked all too real.

Although most childless adults aren’t used to seeing toy spiders scurrying around the house, Court said she’s become “used to it over the years.” So, when she started cleaning her son’s room, she didn’t flinch when she noticed another “toy” insect. However, Court soon realized she should’ve double-checked her surroundings, as she came across a real spider!

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In the video, she showed the actual spider trapped under one of her kitchen containers.

“I was just cleaning my son's room and picked up a little friend here,” the TikToker recalled. “Yes, I picked him up. Picked him up to throw him in a toy basket.”

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Court told her followers how terrified she was to see the spider. She said she “never made a noise like that in my life” upon seeing the bug in her home. Thankfully, her idea of hiding the spider under a container seemed to work.

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Surprisingly, the mom’s TikTok commenters felt sorry for the spider.

Following Court’s horrifying tale of picking up a spider she believed was a toy, several followers commented on the mishap. Many users applauded Court’s bravery and said they don’t know what they would do had they been in the same predicament.

“Mental note…. No spider or tarantula toys when my son gets older ✅,” one commenter stated.

“I would’ve immediately died,” another admitted.

It seems as though most users supported Court for how she handled the situation

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Amid the virtual sympathy for Court, some commenters worried about how the real victim — the spider roaming free — likely reacted to the interruption.

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“Spider: *Is lifted* "Well. This is an entirely unexpected turn of events,"’ one user mocked.

“He was just as scared as you were 😂” another reminded the TikToker.

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Court also received questions from followers who wanted an update on how her son reacted to his mom picking up a toy spider. While she ultimately shared her son’s thoughts a few days later, she responded to a fan who told her she “looks like Woody Harrelson at the end, bruh.”

In a separate TikTok, Court informed the random poster that they gave her “Halloween ideas” and showed off her costume from Halloween 2022, which was her and her husband dressed as White Goodman (Ben Stiller) and Peter La Fleur (Vince Vaughn) from Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Gotta love a girl who can make fun of herself and handle a crawly creature!

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