Paralyzed Tourist Shares the “Cinderella” Story of a Man Finding Her Lost Shoe

A paralyzed woman used her social media influence to snag her long-lost shoe during a trip. In the process, she may have also gotten a new man!

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Published 6:08 p.m. ET

When traveling overseas, there’s usually something a tourist leaves behind after days of excursions. Some travelers forget their phone chargers, while others fail to put their favorite soap back in their suitcases. But one woman’s global getaway turned into a Cinderella story only those living in today's world could appreciate.

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The TikTok user, @jesstawill, shared the almost unbelievable way she reunited with her lost shoe. Get ready to say “aww” after hearing Jess’s story!

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A man found a paralyzed tourist’s lost shoe in Lebanon.

For those unfamiliar with @jesstawill’s content, the TikToker has amassed 2.3 million followers on the video-sharing app. On her platform, Jess discusses her life as a “T6 paraplegic” and shares how being paralyzed from the waist down affects her daily.

In June 2023, Jess created a two-minute video describing her trip to Beirut, Lebanon. During the video, Jess shared that she can sightsee and do “touristy things” as her uncle carries her on his back.

While traveling on her uncle’s back, Jess said she forgot to look down to see if she dropped anything due to her inability to feel her legs and feet. Once she looked down after sightseeing, she noticed her Valentino slipper had gone missing!

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Jess said she believed the shoe fell as her uncle carried her. As they traveled the two hours from Baalbek to Beirut, Jess says she was “pissed” because she was convinced her slipper was gone for good. However, the TikToker’s mother suggested she use her significant Arabic following to post about losing the shoe on her Instagram Stories.

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Although Jess initially felt her mom’s idea was dumb, she humored her and posted the shoe on Instagram. Surprisingly, she received a DM from a guy who told her she was in his hometown! The gentleman then asked Jess to send a video of where she went sightseeing and told her he knew “exactly” where the shoe was.

As Jess continued talking, she showed footage of her speaking to the “Prince Charming” in Lebanese. She then said she planned on meeting her follower (who wasn’t bad to look at, we should add) at an undisclosed location to retrieve her slipper. The man shared with her that he was on the way and ready to meet her whenever she was available.

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“There isn't a single soul on this planet that could tell me that I am not Cinderella,” Jess declared. “So this week, I'm gonna go pick up my slipper, and I will keep you guys updated.”

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The TikToker’s followers believe she’s getting a “husband” after her adorable shoe fiasco.

Since sharing how she connected with the man who saved her Valentino shoe, Jess hasn't yet updated her fans as of this writing. But folks are on the edge of their seats about what happened after one of the cutest travel stories ever told.

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And those who listened to the tale believe the influencer found the love of her life while on vacation.

“The way he dropped whatever he was doing to go find your shoe immediately ... I love it,” one commenter wrote.

“That was actually sooooo awesome,” another chimed in.

If Jess does connect with her Lebanese lover, she will never have to worry about losing a prized possession again!

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