This Footage of a Rickety Children's Roller Coaster at a County Fair Has the Internet Horrified

TikTok footage of a rickety children's roller coaster has the internet horrified by the worst case scenario. Here's what one TikToker captured.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Published 7:01 p.m. ET

If you're visiting an old-fashioned county fair, you're likely going in to try and have a good time with friends and loved ones. Between a collection of thrill-inducing attractions, silly carnival games, and delicious and hilariously unhealthy junk food, a county fair can be just the kind of place for folks to spend a day to get in some thrills and fun in the outdoors.

And when you think of fairs, roller coasters are probably the first thing that comes to mind!

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For many fair-goers, a roller coaster can be a must-visit for a few minutes of traveling at high speeds through loops, lifts, turns, and plunges that can really get the blood flowing. But when you're dealing with a particularly old fair, attractions like roller coasters may not have aged well, which is exactly what you'd want to look out for in something as potentially dangerous as a roller coaster.

Unfortunately, one person's TikTok of a rickety children's coaster embodies some of our worst fair-related fears.

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This TikTok of a rickety children's roller coaster is freaking us out.

On June 10, 2023, Indiana Girl aka @wildwoman2020 on TikTok posted two short but worrying videos of a children's roller coaster at the Floyd County Fair in Indiana. She is likely referring to the Floyd County 4-H Fair in New Albany, Ind., which is touted as the biggest annual event in the area.

While the event itself may be popular, it would appear that wildly necessary maintenance is overdue on some of its attractions.

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She captured footage of a children's roller coaster at the fair, which consists of some relatively minor hills and dips on a simple circular track, making it appropriate for young children. What isn't appropriate, however, are some of the troubling issues on the tracks.

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In her first TikTok, Indiana Girl spotted two of the coaster track's support legs placed precariously on pieces of wood. Said legs would rattle constantly on their makeshift platforms as the coaster traveled, and look as if they could be jerked out of place at any given moment. They even appear to fit loosely with the rest of the coaster, making one wonder if they could slide out.

The second Tiktok shows off a wider view of the coaster and an even more-worrying view of its issues. As the coaster car traveled along the track, the legs appeared to be visibly bending from the weight of the car.

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Commenters on TikTok were all too concerned over the state of the coaster, fearing that disaster could strike if the ride's structure isn't properly repaired.

"I'm pretty sure fairs have been using the same rides that I was on in the '90s," one person joked, commenting on the state of county fair rides.

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"That's a hard no for me," another person declared. "I've seen Final Destination and I don't do rides."

This commenter was referring to the third film in the horror series which disaster strikes a group of fair-goers riding a roller coaster.

Another person even acknowledged this kind of shoddy coaster maintenance as typical fair environment.

"I always just accepted the sketchiness as part of the atmosphere," they claim.

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Local county fairs may be time-honored traditions for some small-town folk, but that doesn't mean that ride safety shouldn't be top priority for fairs of any caliber.

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