Woman Finds a Snake in Her Car and Shows Bravery We Can Only Dream Of

A woman found a snake in her car and didn't run, but instead, displayed amazing bravery. We're impressed, but still terrified! Here's her story.

Melissa Willets - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 12:26 p.m. ET

Today in the worst-nightmare files, we bring the story of a woman who found a snake in her car and not only lived to tell about the terrifying tale, but acted with bravery that made us feel, well, like wimps.

The woman successfully removed the reptile, and she shared the entire episode via TikTok. Read on for her story, and be honest: Would you be able to do what this TikToker did in the face of a slithery interloper taking up residence in your vehicle?

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At first, this woman is as disturbed by finding a snake in her car as we would be.

TikTok creator @brooke.jayy shared "the lovely end" to her evening when she discovered a garter snake hanging from the visor of the driver's seat of her car.

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Initially, Brooke was definitely taken aback upon finding the slimey guest in the car, and shared a few choice words about the scary fact that she wanted the snake to get out of the car.

But after understandably using expletives to describe her feelings on the matter of a zoo creature hanging from her visor, Brooke incredibly gathers enough nerve to prompt the snake out using drinking straws like chopsticks.

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After failing to successfully encourage the skinny yet cringingly long snake to curl itself around the straws, Brooke figures out another potential solution for getting the unwanted passenger out of her car.

The courageous woman not only removes the snake from the car, but does so with care.

Brooke manages to remove the reptile from her vehicle using a tennis racket, and with care, sets the slithery offender onto the grass, allowing it to go on with its life completely unharmed.

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Commenters were, like us, beyond impressed with how the TikTok creator handled this incident, which would have landed us in the hospital — after an anxiety attack.

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Although Brooke took to the comments section to assure her followers that this was a "harmless" garter snake that is "super common" where she lives in Ontario, Canada, as a few TikTok users put it, they would have called a tow truck or the police anyway!

Other commenters said they'd have just given the car to the snake. Yup; we are so with this line of thinking!

"I would have to sell the car," joked one person. Or was it a joke?

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Many other people said she was just lucky to have found the snake before she started driving, because what if it dropped into her lap on the road? And, we're not sleeping tonight. Awesome. Especially since this is far from the first instance of a snake in a car going viral.

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While we're on the topic of horrendous critters you may find in your car, other TikTokers have shared videos of nightmarish spiders in their vehicles, which will also haunt our waking and sleeping hours alike.

Sure, many of these TikToks were taken in Australia, but still. We just want to live in a world without even the remotest possibility of a snake or spider being within 100 miles of our cars!

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Here's praying that if the worst happens, and a snake or spider decides that our car is where they want to be, that we show even 1 percent of the bravery that Brooke did!

Cheers to her, but also, just a humble request: Can no one ever post any videos of any freaky critters in their cars ever again so we can pretend that this type of incident isn't even a little bit plausible?


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