Giant Spiders the Size of Your Hand Are Invading Homes Across the UK

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Aug. 26 2021, Updated 5:15 p.m. ET

Every country has its annual traditions. And at this time of year, the annual tradition of giant, hand-sized house spiders invading homes all across the UK has begun. 

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These spiders are no joke. And they make their way into people's homes because they're on the hunt...for sex. The male spiders go searching for female spiders. And according to the Mirror, they're on the hunt for warm, dry places to mate. Guess what's warm and dry? Your house. 

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The spider above was found by musician Rob Rolfe in his sink. He tweeted that was quite shocked to find the spider, which he ended up setting free outside. Rob wrote that the spider was about 12 cm (nearly five inches) in length. That's too big!!!!

Experts say that the house spider mating season usually lasts from August to September. So no worries. If you're in the UK, you just have to worry about spiders the size of your hand invading your home and scaring the bajeezus out of you for two months out of the year. 

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On top of being huge, they're fast. Dr. Chris Terrell-Nield of Nottingham Trent University said that these house spiders can "do zero to 60 in one second" and run away quickly, seeming to disappear if you look away for just one second. This is big no thanks from me!

Even though these spiders are super terrifying looking, Dr. Terrell-Nield urges everyone to remember that they are more scared of us than we are of them (although, I don't think Dr. Terrell-Nield has met any serious arachnophobes). 

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Even though these giant house spiders will most likely run away if you come across them, if they're caught by surprise, they will bite. They're not very dangerous but, as Dr. Terrell-Nield says, "They can give you a nip. They have biting fangs." 

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So whatever you do, try not to totally freak out if you see one of these spiders in your house. You don't want to get a bite from one of these guys. Frankly, though, I'd be less worried about being bit in my sleep or something than feeling one of them crawl all over your arm. Ick!

Dr. Terrell-Nield says that the spiders range in size. Not all of them are huge, and their size depends on how much they've eaten. So the larger the spider, the more bugs they've ridden your house of!

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When the male spiders find the female ones, they mate and then she lays eggs. Afterward, the male usually dies. But the best part is that the giant house spider is only of three that you'll commonly find in and around your home at this time of year. 

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In addition to the house spider, you can find daddy long legs, which we also have in the U.S., and cross spiders, which I do not recommend googling because they are also very creepy-looking. 

There's no denying that spiders are beneficial to our environment; they're cool creatures and essential parts of the ecosystem. That doesn't mean I want giant ones the size of my hand roaming around my house looking to get laid.

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