Woman Loses (Almost) All Her Hair After a Poorly Executed at-Home Bleach Job

Haylee Thorson - Author

May 12 2023, Published 1:38 p.m. ET

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For anyone with color-treated hair, @thestephseries posted a viral TikTok depicting everyone’s worst nightmare. In a video with over 55 million views, the creator showed herself pulling out heaps of hair in the shower after an at-home bleach job went awry.

However, the saga didn’t stop there. The following events were an absolute rollercoaster — and they’re still unfolding. Curious about what went down? Let’s dive in.

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@thestephseries shares the aftermath of her hair falling out after bleaching it at home on TikTok.
Source: TikTok/@thestephseries

A woman on TikTok lost most of her hair in one day after a botched bleach job.

“Watch me lose all of my hair in a day,” Steph wrote at the beginning of the horrifying video. “I was so happy that my hair was getting so long,” she continued as she cried in the shower. “It’s all going to fall out.”

What followed the TikToker’s statement was a sequence of clips showing Steph tugging out massive clumps of yellowish hair and putting them in an ever-growing pile.

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After the creator stepped out of the shower, her once-long locks were short and choppy. And she didn’t think the hair loss would stop there. “Maybe I’ll have no hair at all,” Steph deadpanned. “Maybe I’ll be bald.” So, how did these unfortunate circumstances come to be?

The TikTok creator shed light on how she lost (almost) all her hair in one day.

With Steph’s original video going viral, she took it upon herself to provide the public with an in-depth explanation. At the beginning of the creator’s follow-up video, she posted a clip of what her hair looked like 24 hours before the bleach catastrophe.

Her locks were long, brunette, and seemingly healthy — until they weren’t.

“I have bleached my hair a million times at home,” Steph clarified.

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Because she had previously colored her hair with brown boxed dye, she needed to use a color remover before applying bleach. After applying the color remover, the creator said that her hair didn’t feel unhealthy. But the subsequent bleach application changed everything.

“After I let the bleach sit on my hair, I rinsed it out with soap and water,” Steph said. “And without pulling on my hair at all, I already knew it was all going to come off.”

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Two Beverly Hills hair stylists offered to fix Steph’s hair for free.

Fortunately for Steph, the aftermath of the bleach fiasco wasn’t all bad.

Shortly after the creator’s story went viral, master hair colorist Alfredo Lewis and master hair extension artist Alex Pardoe stitched Steph’s video and offered to pay for her flight to Beverly Hills so they could fix her hair.

“We want to help get your hair back on track,” Alex urged. “And get you to those long, summer blonde hair goals.”

It didn’t take long for Steph to accept Alfredo and Alex’s generous offer. The creator dueted the hair stylists’ video and wrote, “I have to be dreaming.”

And the comment section couldn’t contain their excitement either. “There is still faith in humanity,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “I’M INVESTED NOW.”

Check out @thestephseries on TikTok to stay tuned for updates!

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