These Britney Spears AI Conspiracy Theories on TikTok Are Bonkers — Leave Britney Alone!

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

May 11 2023, Published 1:47 p.m. ET

In November 2021, the conservatorship that turned the life of Britney Spears into a prison officially ended. For more than 13 years, the pop star was legally unable to make even the simplest decisions about her own existence. She had to get permission to do things like drive or spend money. According to Britney, she wasn't even allowed to have children.

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Fortunately she is now free to do what she wants when she wants, but fans of the singer are still skeptical when it comes to Britney's online presence. Obsessed sleuths are convinced that the videos Britney posts to Instagram are actually AI-generated. They've even gone as far as breaking them down, second by second. Is there any truth to the Britney Spears AI conspiracy theories circulating on TikTok? Let's get into it.

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These Britney Spears AI conspiracies on TikTok are kind of convincing.

At what point do fans of Britney Spears become hypocrites? For years they have advocated for her freedom, but in its wake, some have started to obsessively theorize that her content is mostly AI-generated. She's no longer in a conservatorship, but Britney still doesn't belong to herself as internet sleuths tear apart her videos in an effort to prove they're fake.

TikTok user @theconspiracybestie is one of her fans leading the charge. Not only has she posted multiple TikToks where she painstakingly slows down Britney's videos to prove they aren't real, but she has also funded a documentary about this theory. Most of her TikToks are complaints about glitches in Britney's Instagram posts.

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In another TikTok video, @theconspiracybestie claims that Britney's triangle tattoo on her hand disappears then reappears multiple times, while she's slicing oranges. The conspiracy theorist also alleges that when we see Britney's feet, those aren't her feet because one of her tattoos isn't visible.

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Was Britney's wedding also faked? This TikToker thinks it was.

Perhaps the wildest claim @theconspiracybestie dropped was the idea that Britney's wedding to Sam Asghari was faked. Once again she points out several glitches in video from the wedding. There is one in particular where Sam's wedding ring vanishes then returns a few times. In the same video, the glove on Britney's left hand also fades away, revealing her fingers.

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People in the comments reminded @theconspiracybestie that Britney's ex-husband Jason Alexander crashed the affair and filmed the break-in. In the video Jason is heard saying there is no one there but security. However if you watch the video, it's clear things are still being set up. How does @theconspiracybestie explain all of Britney's famous wedding guests? Well, she believes they were all digitally added. Would Drew Barrymore do this to us? We think not.

Other TikTokers have commented on Britney's content.

A clip from @catspills on TikTok is the one that has given us the most pause. It's a standard post-conservatorship video from Britney, where she's twirling around and flipping her hair. Then things become more like a horror movie, as Britney slides her hands down over her face. What happens next is terrifying.

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Britney's eyes are suddenly quite different. It only lasts a half a second, but it's enough to see that these are not the same eyes. In fact, they look suspiciously like her sister's. Could Jamie Lynn Spears be in on some massive conspiracy to keep Britney from posting? Where is Britney? Only time will tell.

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