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Source: iStock

Cashews Grow on Giant Fruits, and 20 More Fascinating Food Facts


Sometimes it's good to take a step back and actually think about what you're shoving in your mouth day after day. Some foods that we eat every day have backgrounds or details about them that are truly surprising! From French fries to figs to carrots to Cheetos, there are facts about the foods we eat that are actually quite shocking. These are some of the most jaw-dropping ones.

This is how cashews grow. Seriously.

Source: iStock

These fruits, called cashew apples, have a seed at the bottom that contains the nuts we know and love as cashews. The fruit isn't super pleasant to eat on its own, though in some places, it is cooked to remove its astringent properties and made into jams or chutneys. It's also often processed into alcohol. For example. in Brazil, the juice and pulp are used in the manufacture of the rum-like liquor cachaça.