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Food Workers in the Know Share the Menu Items They Would Never Order


If you've ever worked in food service, you've learned a few things about how the sausage gets made (sometimes in very literal sense). Working behind the scenes can make menu items that seem appetizing downright unappealing once you know how they're prepared. So sorry to possibly ruin your next meal out, but here are 15 menu items food service workers would never order after having seen what goes on in the kitchen.

Ice cream from Sonic

Source: iStock

An employee at the drive-in chain warns that the cleanliness of their ice cream machines leaves a lot to be desired, at least in the restaurant where they work. "Nobody cleans the machines unless they break down. Even then nobody cleans the cabinet in the bottom that the fan blows on the milk. The fan is ALWAYS covered in mold because we can not get to it to clean it."