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Source: Twitter

Forever 21 in Hot Water for Sending Atkins Diet Bars in Plus-Size Order Packages


You probably already know this, but diet culture is out of control. We are constantly being bombarded with images and messaging that tell us to eat better, look better, be smaller, take up less space. A small body is equated with a healthy one in our society, and not only could that idea be further from the truth, but it also has harmful consequences. 

In 2019, we know this... intellectually. The body positive movement has done so much for people in terms of making it clear that no one should be ashamed of their bodies. And yet, these "ideals" persist in harmful ways. Macy's recently came under fire for selling a line of fat-shaming plates that were decorated with larger and larger circles labeled "skinny jeans," "favorite jeans," and "mom jeans." "Foodie" and "food coma." 

And now, Forever 21 is rightly in trouble for sending Atkins diet bars in its plus-size packages. What could they have possibly been thinking?

Source: Twitter