Turn up the Heat: 'Forged in Fire' Was Filmed in This Unique Location

Something you might not know about cult TV series 'Forged in Fire' is the location where it was filmed! Here's what we know about the filming location.


Feb. 18 2021, Updated 3:49 p.m. ET

'Forged in Fire'
Source: History Channel

The History Channel's Forged in Fire might just be any craftsman's new binge-worthy obsession. The synopsis is pretty simple: a competition reality show where four bladesmiths forge impossible weapons to impress judges and get a chance at winning $10,000. But fans are wondering, for such a dangerous trade, where on earth is Forged in Fire filmed?

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'Forged in Fire' is filmed in a location equipped with all of a blacksmith's needs.

Every show features four bladesmiths in a three-round elimination contest to forge bladed weapons, which is much easier said than done. The set of Forged in Fire includes a myriad of high-power tools such as coal forges, power hammers, and hydraulic presses. Medical personnel are also on set to treat any fire-or-weapon-related injuries. They also reserve the right to disqualify anyone they think can't carry on safely!

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The show is filmed in Brooklyn, N.Y., in a production studio known as Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages. An apt name for a television show where there's a lot of flammable objects, right? The production house of the show is located at 119 Ingraham St #202, while filming of the show is carried out within the production facility in Stages A and Stages B. 

Contestants are both interviewed and background-checked before they even set foot in Brooklyn. Everyone who wants a chance on the show must make it through a Skype interview, a telephone interview, and a background check before they are allowed to compete. This keeps their filming environment even safer and ensures all contestants aren't going to endanger themselves or their cast members. 

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Here are some other fun facts you might not know about 'Forged in Fire.'

Although filming takes place in a fireproof production studio, the temperatures in that studio are H-O-T hot. The staff has made numerous efforts to reduce the heat in the studio, but the professional lighting and the forges lined up side by side keep things pretty sweltering. Not even the ventilation of the studio can prevent temperatures from getting high, and contestants are highly encouraged to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration. 

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Additionally, while all the blades crafted for the show are truly unique and epic, contestants don't get to hang on to their creations. It's actually against the law for contestants to take home the blades they create, and instead, the blades remain in the studio as props. Can you imagine someone walking around Brooklyn with a giant sword? Maybe in a Game of Thrones remake!

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Forged in Fire adds a lot of intrigue and fun to a trade that not many people practice nowadays. We're equally glad that despite handling highly flammable, dangerous objects, the studio where the magic happens is safe and sound. That's not to say there haven't been a few injuries on the show (David Baker's eye injury, anyone?) but overall, no one is in large amounts of danger.

If you're missing out on all the action, catch up on Forged in Fire on Netflix, Hulu, DiscoveryPlus, or watch new episodes on The History Channel Wednesdays at 9 p.m. 

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