Destroy the Hiding Spots in These Locations for XP in 'Fortnite'

In the weekly challenges in 'Fortnite,' players are tasked with destroying hiding spots located around the map. Get three in one round for 30,000 XP.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 16 2021, Published 10:08 p.m. ET

Online battle royale game Fortnite has rolled out another season, and this time the aliens have come to invade the map. The challenges each week are semi-correlated to the ongoing space theme happening this season, and one thing players have to do to earn a bunch of XP is to destroy hiding spots around the map. Here's what hiding spots you should look for and the best places to find them.

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What hiding spots can you destroy in 'Fortnite'?

There are a variety of locations a player can hide during a map, but to complete the challenge, you have to destroy hiding places specifically. These are objects a player can interact with during a match, allowing them to completely hide themselves versus obscuring them.

Items like this include the porta-potties, dumpsters, and hay bales, for example.

Destroying these items during a match makes it so other players can't use them — narrowing their ability to conceal themselves.

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To complete the weekly challenge, players have to destroy three of these during the duration of a single match. This means you have to get all three during one match. If you don't destroy enough hiding places before the match is over or you're eliminated, then you'll have to start again the next round.

Players who complete the challenge will receive 30,000 XP — an important amount if you're looking to achieve Level 100 this season.

Where do you find the hiding places to destroy?

Because you need to destroy three within one match, it's important to locate the hiding places as quickly as possible at the beginning of the match. There are certain areas of the map where it's easier to find them than others, so choosing your landing point carefully is an important part of the process of completing this challenge.

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Destroying these hiding spots is also beneficial to gameplay because while there's always the chance of being ambushed outside a hiding place, removing them from the field increases the visibility of your opponents.

To find these hiding places, you'll want to look for areas with lots of buildings because there are often dumpsters located nearby. These dumpsters are easy to destroy, and once you've located three of them, you'll be able to complete the challenge.

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Pleasant Park is a popular dropping point if you're looking to knock out the three hiding spots quickly, as there are many in close proximity to each other. That being said, it's also possible many others will have the same idea, so be careful when starting the match that you're not dropping around many of your opponents.

The Pizza Pit, the Orchard, and Catty Corner are all other places that have an abundance of hiding places near each other, making them other ideal starting points.

Destroying three hiding places might not be one of the easiest challenges you'll have this time around, but once you familiarize yourself with where these places are throughout the map completing the challenge will be simple.

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