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Who Is Franklin Boone on 'American Idol'? His Soulful Voice Is Sure to Charm



It's already been two weeks since American Idol returned on ABC. Along with contestants, who come to the show from around the world, we need to take a deep look at singer-songwriter Franklin Boone

The North Carolina native will appear in an upcoming episode of the singing competition, vying for a golden ticket to the live show. His hometown, Durham, is known for its diverse and emerging music scene. Fans want to know what song he will audition and will get him to the next round. 

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He's not just a country artist.

Franklin's music style is indie rock and alternative style. With a wide range of musical influences, he has developed a multi-genre sound that's unique with a combination of jazz, folk, indie rock, and rock music. 

He released his album Hide Beside Me in 2018 and the album shows his artistry in each song. There are several songs in the album during which he's in the rock/indie mode, but then goes to jazz and gets right back to gospel. 

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The singer performs in many places — and as long as he can play his guitar, he's all good. These venues include bars, festivals, weddings, hometown shows, parties, markets, art venues, and many more. Fans describe his music uplifting to the extent that it's soulful. 

He is a worship minister at a Restoration Church in his hometown. He leads a team of musicians, for which he selects the songs. He graduated from East Carolina University majoring in Cultural Anthropology. He's married and has a daughter.

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He announced his 'American Idol' bid in January.

On Jan. 1, Franklin took to Instagram to announce he had taken the plunge and tried out for Season 18 of the singing competition.

"Guess what!?!? In 2019 I took a major leap of faith and auditioned for the 2020 season of American Idol!" he captioned a series of photos from the audition. "You will DEFINITELY want to tune in to ABC on February 16th to watch the season premier and see what happened at my audition!"

Franklin continued, "Last season was pretty great, but I have a feeling this is going to be the BEST SEASON YET! Happy & Blessed New Year to y’all - let’s make 2020 amazing!"

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When will Franklin's audition air on 'American Idol'?

On Feb. 13, Franklin offered an update to his fans about when they can expect to catch him on this season American Idol.

"It’s likely that my audition will be towards the 4th or 5th episode, so please watch them all but don’t panic if you don’t see me yet in the first few!!!" he captioned an Instagram post. "Please tune in Sunday’s @ 8pm to enjoy all of the other wonderful, talented contestants like I have!"

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Since Franklin doesn't know for sure which episode of American Idol his audition will be on, it's probably best to tune in every week if you want to catch him. Just to be safe.

American Idol airs at 8 p.m. (ET) on Sundays on ABC.

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