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Source: instagram

Friends Wear Matching Bikinis to Send a Message to Body-Shamers Everywhere


Two social media influencers are firing back at all the trolls who love rude comments about their bodies online.

Because of the nature of how the internet works -- everyone is more or less a faceless entity that you don't have to worry about engaging with in person. It really offers one the chance to see an individual's true nature.

That lack of inhibition usually reveals two things about people: either they're disgusting, rude, and abuse that degree of anonymity, or they're classy and polite.

Sadly, there's an over-abundance of people who are the former and will use every opportunity they can to say some of the most harmful, degrading, and demeaning things they could think of.

Something that sadly, women who post pictures of themselves online know all too well, like these two friends and social media influencers, Dani Austin and Sarah Tripp.

The two women have very different body types, and are constantly being harassed and made fun of for either being "too thin" or "too fat" by bodyshamers.

For Dani, she's constantly being told she looks "anorexic" by strangers online when she puts up a post.