Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream Is TikTok’s Newest Viral Snack — Here’s How to Make It

Haylee Thorson - Author

Apr. 14 2023, Published 2:15 p.m. ET

TikTok creator tries viral Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream trend
Source: TikTok/@sydwingold

A new viral snack has overtaken TikTok — and creators are making it look more delicious by the minute. The trend in question? Fruit Roll-Up ice cream. Characterized by a unique texture, childhood nostalgia, and a sweet, fruity flavor, the concoction couldn’t be easier to make.

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With hundreds of thousands of likes on countless videos re-creating the dessert, the treat gathered the attention of millions on the vertical video app within days. But why are individuals so mesmerized by the simple snack? Allow us to explain.

TikTok creator tries viral Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream trend
Source: TikTok/@davidparody1
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What is the Fruit Roll-Up ice cream TikTok trend?

In March, the viral Fruit Roll-Up ice cream hack began gaining considerable traction on TikTok. Popular creators such as @tommywinkler, aka “The Food Guy,” posted videos of themselves executing the trend and tasting the final product — and the first bite couldn’t have been more satisfying.

“I have not been able to escape this trend for a week now,” creator @sydwingold said. “Every other video is someone with a Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream.”

So, how does one make Fruit Roll-Up ice cream exactly? Fortunately, it’s incredibly straightforward.

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Virtually anyone can re-create this viral dessert — all you need is a pint of ice cream (most creators use vanilla or fruit-flavored) and a box of Fruit Roll-Ups.

Simply unwrap your Fruit Roll-Up, add a spoonful (or two) of ice cream to the center, and crimp the edges to conceal the ice cream. Tip: Make sure you work relatively quickly, because you don’t want the Fruit Roll-Up to freeze before you finish wrapping!

Why did the Fruit Roll-Up ice cream go viral on TikTok?

The concept of Fruit Roll-Up ice cream is easy to execute. So, why did it go mega-viral on TikTok? Well, just ask your favorite creators. “That is bomb,” @sydwingold gushed after taking her first bite. “You know it’s good when it gets a happy dance. 10/10.”

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Because the ice cream freezes the Fruit Roll-Up almost immediately, it becomes a sweet, crunchy shell. With a soft and creamy inside and a candy-coated outer case, the juxtaposing texture is a treat for the taste buds.

“This is crunchy!” Sam from the TikTok duo @sam&jessofficial exclaimed upon trying the viral food trend. “10/10.”

TikTok users shared their thoughts on the Fruit Roll-Up ice cream trend.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and several TikTok users didn’t waste time offering theirs on several Fruit Roll-Up videos.

Whether they were suggesting Fruit Roll-Up flavors (Jolly Rancher was incredibly popular), types of ice cream (vanilla appears to be the go-to), or ways to spruce up the straightforward snack (one person posed adding chamoy and Tajin), the comment section contained no shortage of great advice on how to make the viral Fruit Roll-Up ice cream even tastier.

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