Woman Takes Remote Job, Feels Mental Health Benefits Within Days: "At Home, I'm at Peace"

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Dec. 13 2023, Published 5:36 p.m. ET

Perks of working remote TikTok
Source: TikTok/@therealtarnanlamb (video stills)

With remote work comes great peace

I have worked for a variety of organizations at all manner of places in almost every conceivable environment. I started working at the age of 13 when I got a job at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. It was the best job for a kid, at the best place on Earth. From there I worked at a movie theater, a couple of retail stores, a few restaurants, and many office jobs. For several years, my life was very much like that of Wayne in Wayne's World, full of joe jobs but nothing I'd call a career.

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I spent two decades working in offices. I was a legal assistant at a telecommunications law firm where I definitely owned too many pairs of black slacks. I was then at a small media company where wearing jeans was just one of the many benefits. I thought nothing could top that until my current job, which is fully remote. As I type, I am on my couch next to my very weird dog. This is why I am fully on board with one TikToker's love letter to remote work.

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The perks of working remote are limitless.

Taryn Lamb, who goes by @therealtarnanlamb on TikTok, has only been working from home for three days but she is already obsessed. "When I'm at home, I'm at peace," says Taryn. "This is my safe space. They can't get me here." The "they" in question is undoubtedly bosses or co-workers who stress Taryn out when they are micromanaging her.

Although Taryn admits she'll probably miss some face-to-face interactions, she "wouldn't trade this for the world." A big reason why this setup works so well for Taryn is her severe ADHD. When she had to work in an office, Taryn was "all over the place." Any sort of noise was a huge distraction.

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Being alone in her home allows Taryn to "get in the zone, and focus." She then brings up one of the best aspects about remote work, and that's toilet use. The worst office I ever worked in was a converted apartment where the only bathroom was essentially in the middle of the work space. Everyone knew exactly what you were doing because they could hear everything.

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"I can take a s--- in peace," Taryn points out. Like many people, Taryn has what she calls "poop anxiety." Co-workers walking in an out of an office bathroom was enough to keep her backed up, and I don't mean files.

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Although no one is probably clocking what people do, I am always acutely aware of how often I use the restroom because I drink so much water. I am up and down as much as Taryn, which according to her is every 20 minutes. She can now do this without wondering if anyone else has noticed her near-constant need to pee.

Taryn is also discovering the joy of making lunch. When I was commuting to an office, I either couldn't afford to buy lunch or I had to pack it which I often forgot to do. She just made herself a Trader Joe's pizza for lunch and I'm going to assume she used her oven, not a microwave. To be able to feed yourself a decent meal while also saving money is truly a gift.

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Source: TikTok/@therealtarnanlamb (screenshot)

Working from home is life changing!

Once again I find myself fully aligned with Taryn, who can "pet her cat whenever she wants" and go outside for a walk.

Obviously not everyone enjoys working from home. I will concede that it's not a great fit for some people.

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"I became more introverted and anxious. Hybrid is best," said one commenter. I can see how this could happen. I have no idea what that commenter's life is like but many people only socialized at work. Removing the in-office lifestyle meant barely having any human interaction. Other folks in the comments who had this issue decided to find extracurricular activities that would scratch this itch.

Putting yourself out there in service of making a connection, especially as an adult, is not easy. After all, where does one make friends as an adult? If you haven't kept up with folks from school, you are often at the mercy of your job. My suggestion is using something like Bumble BFF or joining some sort of recreational sport, like kickball. If you can have a meet-cute with a partner, you can have it with a pal!

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