There’s a Rumor That Gabbie Hanna Might Be in the Next Season of ‘Euphoria’

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Aug. 25 2020, Updated 3:22 p.m. ET

gabbie hanna
Source: Instagram

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna returned to social media recently after taking a break. The controversial social media influencer is no stranger to rumors. In just 2020 alone, Gabbie has been under fire for allegedly supporting YouTuber Jessi Smiles' ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore, after she accused him of sexually assaulting her; criticized by Trisha Paytas for spreading a rumor that she had herpes; and, more recently, has been accused of being transphobic.

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She has been on the other side of being "canceled" multiple times and been turned into a meme on TikTok. Due to all the hate coming her way, she posted a video where she claimed YouTube "shadowbanned" her which caused her views to drop. She explained that she had been receiving death threats from others online, leading to her deletion of some of her social media accounts.

Source: Instagram
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Like every other online influencer, Gabbie’s personal life and career are constantly in the social media spotlight for good or for bad. The latest rumor to involve Gabbie is about her possible casting in Euphoria Season 2.

A rumor claims that Gabbie Hanna will be starring in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2.

The rumors started on Twitter where now thousands of tweets from Gabbie’s followers have shared speculations over the YouTuber’s appearance on the HBO teen drama. One of the more popular tweets that left many in a state of unrest said, “Youtuber & Artist Gabbie Hanna is rumored to join season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria as a recurring character, set to play a new student at the high school victim to high school bullies.” 

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While Gabbie’s fans were excited and looking for confirmation from the 29-year-old about the news, there were many others who were disappointed in the supposed casting. 

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Gabbie put the rumors to rest when she saw them start to spread.

Gabbie took to Twitter to clear up the rumors that she was going to appear in the second season of HBO’s Euphoria. A photoshopped tweet from Gabbie was going around (during a time when she had deleted her social media) in which she mentioned “rumors” of her being on the show. 

gabbie hanna euphoria address
Source: twitter
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She went ahead and shut down those speculations by tweeting, “omg i just found out people didn’t know this is photoshopped as of [sic] this wasn’t going around WHEN I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TWITTER hahahahahahaha f--k.”

In response, fellow YouTuber Alex Elmslie tweeted back at Gabbie, “what the f--k??? i know people who actually thought that was real…” 

She then responded, “that’s embarrassing for them lol.”

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Gabbie created a makeup look inspired by Euphoria, and also made fun of some her followers by writing, “nOw WhO sTaRtEd ThE rUmOr ThAt I’m On EuPhOrIa S2.”

‘Euphoria’ fans’ initial reaction to the Gabbie rumor was not super kind.

While some of Gabbie’s fans were excited about the rumor that she may appear in the HBO series, others were not so kind about the potential new casting. One user wrote, “one pandemic at a time pls.” 

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Another joked that Gabbie’s appearance would just be another blow to the year 2020. They tweeted, “gabbie hanna claiming that she’s in euphoria season 2 is the straw that broke 2020’s back for me.”

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