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Did Gabbie Hanna Leave the Internet for Good?



Gabbie Hanna is no stranger to controversy. Since she got her start on Vine, she's been involved in public spats with multiple influencers, and people have attempted to cancel her more than once.

Since 2020 started, Gabbie has been under fire for allegedly supporting YouTuber Jessi Smiles' ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore, after she accused him of sexually assaulting her; criticized by Trisha Paytas for spreading a rumor that she had herpes; and more recently has been accused of being transphobic.

And it seems that all of the hate has gotten to her. After she posted a video, in which she claimed YouTube has "shadowbanned" her, causing her views to drop, she reportedly has received death threats from others online, leading to her breakdown and deletion of some of her social media accounts.

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Why did Gabbie Hanna delete her Twitter and Instagram?

Recently, cancel culture has been running rampant among YouTubers, with many announcing that they're taking some time away from the internet. 

Over the past few months, many of Gabbie's previous controversies have been resurfaced, leading to an onslaught of hate online. People online were mostly pointing out that in a lot of situations where she was asked to address an issue, she remained silent.

It all came to a head after Gabbie posted a video alleging she'd been shadowbanned. In the video, she showed that searching her name in the YouTube search bar didn't bring up her own videos, but content by commentary channels, posting content she deemed "slander." All of this culminated into death threats being sent to her home address.

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"i’m actually heavily in contact with @YouTube and they’re working to correct the problem. happily working together bc they recognize it’s not right. so this is actually more slander and defamation," she said in response to a Twitter user's claim she was lying about being shadowbanned, reports Dextero.

Gabbie also recently talked about the hate she was receiving on her podcast, in which she heatedly claimed that she was being bullied and that was why she wasn't publicly responding to her controversies. 

The audio, though, has since been taken and mocked online, specifically by users on TikTok. 

All of this is likely what led to her decision to delete her Twitter and Instagram accounts without notice.

Will Gabbie return?

It's currently unclear whether or not Gabbie has any plans to return to the internet. Since she seemed to leave without formally addressing her decision, it's likely she's taking a break to better take care of her mental health.

At this time, her YouTube channel is still up, though it seems her fans are continuing to leave it in droves. According to Social Blade, Gabbie's channel has seen a steady decline in performance since the beginning of 2020. In the last six months alone, she's lost almost 400,000 subscribers.

Gabbie has also deleted all of her previous videos featuring Shane Dawson, due to the backlash she received for supporting him, causing her views to drop as well.

We don't know if she plans to return, though it's possible she'll be joining the many YouTubers who have left their influencer professions behind in the recent weeks. 

Until then, her fans are still openly supporting her on the platforms she left behind, waiting for her to return.

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