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Source: co-op

Grocery Store Creates Gender Neutral "Gingerbread Person" and People Are Divided


Co-op Food, a popular UK supermarket chain, is currently under fire for deciding to make the Gingerbread Man, a Christmas cookie staple, a gender neutral treat in their stores.

You can guess how a lot of people reacted to the news of "PC culture" trickling down into the bakery section of their favorite supermarket: not well.

It's understandably a move from the grocery store to either gain some publicity or really try and make a "difference" with their cookies.

Representation is important, and personally I know how much it affected me growing up to see movies with guys who had names like mine and looked like me kidnapping women and children, shooting at innocent bystanders, and ultimately getting blown to high hell by a dude whose name sounds like "Tyler" but is spelled, "Tielar." Maybe it would've been good for me growing up to see a role model I could physically and culturally identify with depicted as attractive or honest and forthright.

Personally, I don't know if seeing a Mustafa-the-first-generation-Albanian-Man cookie would've made me feel any better about myself, though.

Co-op, however, disagrees, and via their press release, it sounds like they're doing some really important work with the release of this gingerbread person. They also want people to help name the treat, which went about as well as you'd expect.