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Florida Couple to Let Baby Choose Its Own Gender, Calls It a "Theyby"


A Florida couple recently gave birth to a little bundle of joy that's being referred to as a "theyby," because they've elected to raise  their child gender neutral.

Being influenced by gender norms is something that happens at a very young age. If you want any proof of that, just walk through the toy aisle or take a few minutes to see how toys are marketed to young boys and girls.

When I was a kid, everything for guys was either barbarian this or futuristic space man with gun that. Male heroes were laconic, tight-lipped dudes who weren't all that into expressing or understanding their emotions. Sensitivity was something for the birds.

Which is probably why I always identified more with bad guys or the hero's bumbling sidekick - they were more open and willing to express what a wreck their lives were than the chiseled hero.

For girls, they'd get an easy bake oven or unicorn/pony/sparkle/pink/rainbow something or the other. While I was playing with Mighty Max in the Doom Zone, girls in my class were playing Polly Pocket. I'd be fighting Dr. Frankenstein and his monster in a lair while their adventure was finding out what they'd wear for a wedding.

In an effort to combat these gender norms and how they shape the development of their child, Ari Dennis opted to leave their baby's sex marked as "unknown" on their birth certificate.