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Source: netflix

25 Percent of People Polled Want Santa Claus to Be a Woman or Gender Neutral

By Mustafa Gatollari

A recent survey conducted about everyone's favorite Christmas mascot, Santa Claus, revealed that a sizable demographic isn't so happy with the classic image the man in red is currently rocking. They want an update.

No, they don't want him to wear blue all of a sudden or switch from reindeer to elk-powered sleighs. They think Santa Claus should be a Santa Clausette, or a Cindy Claus. Or just gender neutral.

Graphic Springs said they surveyed 400 people in both the United States and the U.K. (granted, not a very large sample size), and then had 4,000 people vote on the suggested questions provided from the first group. 27 percent of them wanted Santa to be female or gender neutral.

Source: disney