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Source: Columbia Pictures

From '300' to 'The Ugly Truth,' Here Are Gerard Butler's Best Roles to Ring in His 50th Birthday


Gerard Butler screamed and Sparta-kicked his way into the collective conscious of film-goers everywhere after starring in the testosterone-driven action flick, 300 that unfortunately got enough people in Hollywood convinced Frank Miller could direct a movie. The Spirit quickly put an end to that, and Sin City, while having some cool moments, is kinda cringe-inducingly horrible by today's standards, but enough about Frank.

It doesn't change the fact that Gerard's made an amazing career for himself since then. It's hard to believe that the man's turning 50 years old. To celebrate, here are some of his other roles that don't involve loin cloths, spears, and massive amounts of "supplements" with strength training.

Let's celebrate Gerard Butler's 50th birthday with a look at his best role of all time: 

1. One Two - 'RocknRolla'

Source: Warner Bros.

Guy Ritchie's highly stylized "lad" series of films aren't for everybody, but you always know when you're watching one of his movies. Because the flicks themselves are so crazy, you need a main character that's a bit more practical and deeply rooted in reality - it provides a foil for the insanity and heightens it by comparison. Gerard Butler does an excellent job in this movie of just that and you can't help but sympathize with the dude in it. 

Best scene: Our boy Gerard sitting down and just enjoying some tunes. The look on his face when he's realized he's ambushed is amazing.