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Should You Stick Around After 'Angel Has Fallen' for a Post-Credits Scene?



If you're a fan of watching Gerard Butler protect the president of the United States, then you're probably very well acquainted with Olympus Has Fallen and its sequel London Has Fallen

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When OHS first came out, it was around the same time White House Down starring Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum was released, so it's easy to conflate the two. While WHD didn't have a sequel, the Fallen series is enjoying its third release with Angel Has Fallen. And if you're planning on seeing it, you're probably wondering:

Does Angel Has Fallen have a post-credits scene?

The first film featuring Gerard protecting the commander-in-chief didn't have any extra scenes after the credits, and neither did its U.K.-based sequel.

However, with after-credits scenes being all the rage in blockbuster cinema these days, and perhaps because director Antoine Fuqua figured audiences would want to see more adventures starring agent Mike Banning, a mid-credits scene is included in Angel Has Fallen.

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You won't have to wait long to watch it either, as it pops up almost right after the final frame of the film fades out. 

Without spoiling what the mid-credits scene is about, what I can say is that it doesn't necessarily set up a fourth movie, but it, instead, helps to explain a piece of the plot in the film that may have left some audience members scratching their heads. Some people, myself included, thought that the scene was a bit bizarre, though.

Source: lionsgate
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Although the movie doesn't exactly say there's going to be a fourth movie, it's hard to imagine that Angel Has Fallen won't have a sequel. There's been somewhat of a resurgence for Rated R action films as of late, thanks to the John Wick films. And seeing as both Olympus and London both did fairly well in the box office, it looks like Angel is continuing that trend of successful monetary returns.

As of now, the early box office numbers for Angel Has Fallen look pretty darn good. If it pulls in anywhere near the same amount as its predecessor did, then I'd imagine a fourth movie will be greenlit fairly quickly — that's what happened with this movie. 

London pulled in $170 million with a $70 million budget and Angel cost just $10 million more to produce, so it's looking good for fans of the series who will be waiting for a fourth Mike Banning foray into the business of saving the free world.

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Source: lionsgate

Angel Has Fallen spoilers and plot synopsis:

If you don't want the plot of the film "ruined" for you, then you should probably stop reading now. Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is still recovering from the first two films: he's a self-medicating, tired mess, and seeing Gerard Butler inhabit this character with humanity is great.

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Mike's old pal, Wade Jennings, is now working for a private military contractor, and the two exchange old stories over dinner when Wade comes over for some chit chat.

Not long after that, the president and his secret service agents are attacked by a drone strike. 

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The ordeal kills 19 of the president's security detail with one lone survivor. Guess who it is? President Trumbull is put in a coma and Mike wakes up handcuffed to a bed as suspect zero for the attack (since he survived and all). Mike manages to escape but has to go rogue, where he enlists the help of his father, a tired Vietnam veteran facing personal demons of his own in the wilderness.

Mike's dad is played by the convincingly crazy Nick Nolte, who sets up traps and CCTV cameras to catch anyone trying to trespass on his property. The entire time Mike is on the run, he's trying to find out who set him up, and if you watch the film, you'll see the bad guy coming from a mile away. 

The movie builds up to a final showdown between Mike and the not-so-secret villain who is in league with a covert Russian agency.

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Source: lionsgate

Although the film is predictable, it's a slick throwback to good old '90s action flicks, which is a good thing for fans of the genre. Definitely check it out if the previous flicks were in your wheelhouse.

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