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These Tips and Tricks for 'Ghost of Tsushima' Will Help You Start Gaming Strong



There's truly nothing better than immersing yourself in an open-world video game — especially when you're trying to kill time amidst a pandemic — and Sucker Punch Productions just unleashed a brand-new title that's bound to hold your attention for hours on end. Ghost of Tsushima takes players on an epic journey through Ancient Japan, enabling you to fine-tune combat skills, embark on quests, and become the bada** samurai you've always wanted to be. 

However, before you embark on this epic mission to become a samurai, we've compiled a few tips and tricks for Ghost of Tsushima, including how to sheath your sword, how to change your outfit, and how to fall properly. It's a complex game with an incredibly compelling storyline, but completing it in its entirety certainly is no easy feat. First, watch the full trailer for the game below.

Here's how to sheath your sword in 'Ghost of Tsushima':

Since a large portion of Ghost of Tsushima requires players to fight in close-quarters, the Katana is going to be your main weapon, according to Republic World. And while practicing your sword-fighting abilities is incredibly important, it's also good to know how to put your sword away and clean your blade. Luckily, doing so is simple.

To sheath your sword in Ghost of Tsushima after a fight, gamers will swipe right on the touchpad and a Jin will appear. They will clean the sword and place it in the scabbard. It's easy to do, but keep in mind you won't be able to move while you're doing this. To ensure it happens instantaneously, play the flute at the same time so Jin quickly sheathes the sword and presents you with the instrument.

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Changing your outfit is more important than you might think in 'Ghost of Tsushima.'

In the beginning of the game, you'll find yourself with a full wardrobe of armor and clothing, and according to Polygon, each one will be useful in different situations, so you'll end up changing semi-frequently. Samurai Clan Armor, for example, is perfect for fighting, and Traveler’s Attire will be useful for finding items and your way around.

To change your outfit, simply navigate to Menu> Gear > Outfit. There, you can adapt to any situation with different items and clothes. It's a quick and easy way to properly prepare for the different things you'll be doing throughout the game.

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You'll want to learn how to properly fall in 'Ghost of Tsushima' to avoid any fatal injuries.

Although players aren't required to do much in the way of climbing, you'll have to scale a few cliffs... and climbing down is as hard in Ghost of Tsushima as it is in real life, as the consequences can be fatal. So, learning to do it right is mandatory, according to Game Spot.

When climbing down a cliff, you'll see an R2 prompt which will direct you to a safe climbing path. Jumping is rarely a good idea until you unlock a "Safe Landing" technique (under Techniques > Ghost > Evolving Tactics > Assassination > Safe Landing) which basically makes Jin impervious to fall damage. Until then, make sure to follow the R2 prompt.

Source: Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima is no cakewalk, but with these tips, you'll be playing like a pro. Go get 'em, samurai.

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