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Gigi Hadid Calls out Jake Paul and His "YouTube Groupies" in a Savage Clap-Back



You wouldn't think the worlds of YouTuber Jake Paul and model Gigi Hadid would ever cross — and yet, here we are. Because after the content creator decided to slam Gigi's boyfriend via Twitter, she expertly shut him down in fewer than 280 characters.

It all started on Feb. 23, when both Jake encountered One Direction star Zayn Malik while they were apparently in Las Vegas. Some sort of altercation went down between the two of them. (Which, whatever.) But for some reason Jake felt compelled to share his side of the story on Twitter.

"Almost had to clap up zane from 1 direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to f--- off for no reason when I was being nice to him," he tweeted. "Zane ik you’re reading this... stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big a-- hotel room hahaha."

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Source: Twitter

Zayn himself didn't reply to Jake's tweet. However, his current girlfriend, Gigi, had no problem calling out Jake for his a--holery. "Lol cause he doesn't care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..?" she commented. "Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly a--. Go to bed ..."

Mic. Drop.

A quick comparison of likes and re-tweets shows exactly with whom the Twitter-sphere sided. Because Gigi's response beat out Jake's original tweet by a landslide.

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But alas, Jake couldn't simply admit defeat and move on. Instead he posted a follow-up tweet in an attempt to salvage is reputation. "Broth he literally started yelling and freaking the f--- out," he wrote. "'You wanna test me mate' lol I fee bad for childhood stars."

Gigi, meanwhile, had already accomplished what she set out to do and didn't dignify Jake's second tweet about the altercation with a response. (Probably because she is literal queen.)

Source: Twitter

The thing is, Jake has gotten into a nasty habit of putting his foot in his mouth via social media. (Which I mean, is always a high probability when you make a living on social media. But still) On Feb. 17, he posted — and then promptly deleted — a tweet that effectively undermined how serious living with anxiety really is. 

"Remember anxiety is created by you," his tweet reportedly read. "Sometimes you gotta let life play out and remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come. Chill your mind out. Go for a walk. Talk with a friend."

*Poof* And suddenly, everyone who suffers with anxiety was cured. Thanks, Jake!

Source: Twitter

Look, I get it. Jake is in the business of drawing attention to himself. And as his past shenanigans have quite clearly shown, he's willing to do just about anything to get those views. Like that time he "married" Tana Mongeau. Or when he handcuffed himself to his friend, Erika, for 24 hours. Or the endless, ridiculous pranks he records and posts.

Jake acting like an a--hole to Zayn on Twitter is just a desperate low blow, in my opinion. Thankfully, Gigi was there to swiftly call out Jake for being a giant idiot — and the Twitter-sphere resoundingly agreed.

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