You’ll Never Believe Why This Bride Left Her Little Sister off the Guest List on Her Wedding Day

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May 9 2023, Published 6:59 p.m. ET

An angry bride wears a veil on her wedding day.
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In a Reddit post with more than 15,000 reactions as of this writing, one user detailed a sticky situation between her and her older sister. Amid planning for her sibling’s wedding day, the original poster was surprised to learn that she was not on the guest list. Her sister’s reason for excluding the OP from her big day might surprise you.

Read on for everything you need to know about the girl who wasn’t invited to her sister’s “no kids allowed” wedding because she was under 18.

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A girl on Reddit said she was not invited to her sister’s “no-kids” wedding because she’s under 18.

17-year-old Reddit user @That-Instance-2741 took to the AITA subreddit in early May 2023 with a scenario that set the comment section ablaze. According to the OP, she had recently learned that she wasn’t exempt from her 24-year-old sister’s strict 18+ age cutoff at her fall wedding.

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When she and her fiancé started planning things a few weeks ago, they said it was gonna be no kids. I didn't think anything of that at first, I assumed she meant like 13+ or something like that,” the OP said. “She explained that no kids means no kids, no exceptions, so I'm too young by three months to attend.”

And then, the plot thickened. The OP admitted that she, as any little sister would, tattled. Out of hurt, she shared the news with their parents, who were also outraged. Then, the OP’s big sister was given an ultimatum.

“They didn't know I wasn't invited,” she wrote. “So my dad told her either she lets me come or she's not getting their half of the money.”

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While she didn’t specify how much money was on the line, the OP noted that the offer was one that her sister couldn’t refuse. “She did invite me, but she made a big show of how she didn't want me there,” the Reddit user wrote.

The OP worried that she and her sister’s once close-knit relationship could potentially be damaged forever as a result of their rift.

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“We used to be really close, and we text a lot even after she moved out. Not anymore though. I blocked her on everything and I'm not speaking to her,” she said. “[I don’t know] if our relationship can recover from this but if we do it's gonna be up to her to fix it. My parents say I'm overreacting, but this really hurt me.”

While the OP shared her experience anonymously, we’re all pretty invested in her story at this point.

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So — will the OP attend her sister’s wedding? The truth is, the world may never know. Soon after the post went viral, the OP’s account was suspended by administrators for reasons unknown.

In any case, we're hoping they work it out. After all, nobody wins when the family feuds!

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