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Source: Netflix

'Girls Incarcerated' Season 2 — See Rose, Kristler, and Imel Now!


It's no surprise that Girls Incarcerated Season 2 is already trending on Netflix just a few days following its release. The docu-series takes viewers behind the scenes at LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility and introduces them to students such as Jesse Ross, Tiffany Kristler, and Arionna Davis, who have seemingly tough exteriors, but have just been dealt a bad hand in life. 

So, where are the girls now? It's been months since filming wrapped, and according to executive producer Jordana Hochman, producers do not keep in touch with the participants. Luckily for us, many of them are on social media, providing their new followers with some major life updates. 

Keep reading below to see where the girls from Girls Incarcerated Season 2 are now. 

[h/t girlsinn_wherearetheynow]

1. Jesse Rose

Source: Instagram

Jesse was dealing with a lot of issues at home when she was sent to LaPorte Juvenile Correctional Facility — her father is currently serving 200 years behind bars and her mom was also facing prison time — but since her release, Jesse applied and was accepted to Ivy Tech. 

Unfortunately, she has not been active on social media since leaving LaPorte. 

Instagram: @jesse.rose 

Facebook: Jesse Cristina Rose