Google Feud Is a Game That Asks You to Complete Queries on the Search Engine


Dec. 14 2023, Published 12:09 p.m. ET

The Google Feud homepage with categories.
Source: Google Feud

The Gist:

  • Google Feud allows you to guess how Google would autocomplete a wide variety of different questions.
  • The questions come in different categories, and you can also share your score with friends to see who's the best at answering these unfinished prompts.
  • The game has a "Question of the Day" feature that functions a lot like Wordle.
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The latest game trending across the internet doesn't require a console or have amazing graphics. Instead, it riffs on Family Feud to take advantage of a skill that almost everyone has developed in the age of the internet. Google Feud may be growing in popularity, but there are still plenty of people who don't fully understand what the game is.

Like Family Feud, the game from which this new game is derived, Google Feud is fundamentally a game about making some educated guesses. We'll give you all the details on gameplay below.

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An example of a Google Feud prompt.
Source: Google Feud

What does Google Feud gameplay look like?

Google Feud is a much simpler version of Family Feud, and it's available across several different platforms. The way it works is, that you're given a prompt as if it were being searched on Google. You're given the start of the prompt. You have to figure out how Google would attempt to autocomplete it. There are 10 options, and you get more points for guessing the options that would be at the top of the suggestion bar.

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So, as an example, if the start of the prompt was "what happens if you drink," you would offer words or phrases that could finish that prompt liked "bleach" or "too much water." If you make three or four guesses (depending on the platform) that aren't in the top 10, you'll lose the round, and you can continue guessing until that happens. You earn points for every answer you find that's in the top 10.

Here's how to play Google Feud.

If you simply Google "Google Feud," you should find several sites that have online versions you can plug right into. The most common is at, and gives you four chances to guess the right automplete terms. You get 10,000 points for the top autocomplete, all the way down to 1,000 points for the tenth. It's relatively straightforward, although given its popularity, it seems possible that there will be other variations in the months to come.

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For now, at least, the game is single-player, but it gives you a score after three rounds that you can share as you compete with one another.

There are also a few different categories that you can choose from, including culture, people, names, entertainment, animals, questions, and food. There's also an Easy Mode which gives you a few of the answers to prompt you.

There's also an "I'm Feeling Lucky" mode that gives you a random set of questions, and a Question of the Day that allows you to compete with your friends as you all attempt to answer the same prompt.

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