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People Are Turning the Tables on Gordon Ramsay and Roasting His Gravy Recipe


Apr. 8 2021, Updated 4:20 p.m. ET

Chef Gordon Ramsay, who made a TV career out of being overly critical of food, recently found himself on the receiving end of some biting words himself when he posted a video of a Sunday roast that he made on Twitter.

The world-renowned chef often takes his trademark, no-holds-barred approach to Twitter by critiquing photos people send him of their food.

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Usually, he tells folks to go back to the drawing board and learn how to make a proper dish. Every so often, however, Chef Ramsay might have some kind and encouraging words for would-be cooks.

I wouldn't think a person could give an honest assessment of a meal with just a photograph but, then again, I don't cook food for a living. At the very least, I guess Ramsay could see a real demonstration of technique and ascertain whether the meal was well prepared.

But if Ramsay uses visual cues to roast other people's...err...roasts, he might have used that keen sight to check the consistency of his own gravy first.

When you think of a good and delicious gravy, how do you imagine it pours? Does it come out thick? Is it a viscous pour? Or does it splatter all over the plate in a runny, thin mess like the video Ramsay posted below?

Gravy enthusiasts (if there are such a thing), you've been warned:

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To say people were unimpressed with Ramsay's gravy would be an understatement. Folks called it a disgrace, saying it wasn't a "proper thick gravy" and that the fact it was so runny was a huge problem for them.

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It seemed like Ramsay was getting a taste of his own medicine.

Obviously he could combat the criticism by saying he's a Michelin-starred chef and knows what a good gravy is. Or that his is a different type of gravy. But the masses were unconvinced.

ramsay tweet gravy
Source: twitter
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ramsay gravy tweet
Source: twitter

Then there was the matter of the vegetables, which also left people unimpressed. In fact, some went so far as to say that they looked soggy, or like the ones you'd get in those microwavable steam bags from the supermarket.

I doubt a food snob like Ramsay would ever stoop to doing that, but honestly, those veggies do look a bit gross now that people mention it.

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ramsay gravy tweet
Source: twitter
ramsay gravy tweet
Source: twitter
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Ramsay hasn't responded yet to the criticism, but it isn't the first time his food has been publicly criticized. You may recall the episode of The F Word that featured Chef Chang. Ramsay met with the legendary Thai chef to cook some pad thai for the monks at the Wimbledon Buddhist temple.

It didn't go well for Ramsay.

Initially, Chef Chang was feeling the presentation of Ramsay's dish and liked the way he went about cooking it. In the video, Ramsay's technical acumen was on full display. However, after Chef Chang tasted it, the displeasure on his face was all too evident and his near-disgust was almost palpable. He didn't say Ramsay's dish tasted bad per se, but that it wasn't pad thai.

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What do you think of Ramsay's Yorkshire pudding and Sunday roast meal? Does the runny gravy bother you? Or would you like taking a crack at it? If so, you can check out the link to the meal he was boasting about on Twitter here.

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