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People Are Loving This Time Gordon Ramsay Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

People Are Loving This Time Gordon Ramsay Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine
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Updated 4 months ago

Chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his blistering criticisms of chefs, both amateur and professional ones.

People can't even submit their dishes on Twitter to the chef without getting their culinary creations blown to smithereens.

But there are times when he does give people their props.

The celebrity chef is revered by many to be a man who can accurately judge cooking. I mean, you don't become that famous and have multiple TV shows with your face and name associated with them for for having sub-par culinary skills.

But, no one's perfect, even a Master Chef with 16 Michelin Stars, something that Ramsay learned the hard way back in 2009 when he made Pad Thai for Buddhist monks at a Temple in London.

A clip from an episode of season 5 of The F Word that's now circulating Twitter shows Ramsay getting trashed for his attempt at the iconic Thai dish by Chef Chang.

At first, Chang is excited to meet Ramsay and happy to see quickly he learns how to cook the dish.

But then he actually tastes it, and well...

The offense is palpable.

The chef flat out tells him, "This is not pad thai."

Twitter was all over the moment where Ramsay got Ramsay'ed himself.

Some people said that Chang's look encapsulated all the angst of a culture being ruined by an "outsider."

This twitter user broke it down in a brilliant play-by-play.

As it turns out though, this isn't the first time Ramsay has been given the business when it comes to learning to cook.

This episode where he learns to cook a traditional Malaysian rendang is pretty incredible.

Not just because he's getting roasted by someone who clearly knows something about a dish he doesn't, but because it's awesome watching a master chef being humble enough to broadcast a "failure" on television.

Just goes to show that if you have love for the game, you'll always be a student.

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