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'Greyhound' Tells the Story of Ernest Krause, a Newly-Appointed Naval Captain



"We will bring hell down from up high," Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) tells his marines in a crucial scene of Greyhound. 

Set in 1942, at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic, the movie tells the story of a professional Naval Captain heading to the front for the first time, capturing how he takes on the mighty task of commanding a convoy of 37 ships to triumph over a wolf pack of Nazi U-boats. So, is Greyhound based on a true story

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'Greyhound' was inspired by true events, but the movie isn't based on a true story.

At the focal point of the movie is Ernest Krause, a professional marine whose first mission as a Naval Captain involves overseeing a convoy of 37 ships as they make their way across the Atlantic Ocean. 

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"In Greyhound, which is inspired by a true story, Krause leads 'an international convoy of 37 Allied ships [...] in his first command of a U.S. destroyer, crosses the treacherous North Atlantic while hotly pursued by wolf packs of Nazi U-boats," reads the official synopsis cited by The Daily Mail.

Based on The Good Shepherd, a 1955 book by C.S. Forester, the movie zooms in on a Captain's firsthand experiences with commanding a group of veteran marines. The only one out of the group who hasn't been to war yet, he develops a sense of inferiority that impedes him from performing his duty to his best abilities. 

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The Good Shepherd revolves around how the Captain manages to seed out his negative thoughts and overcome his crippling sense of self-doubt. The book also offers insight into the difficulties posed by the increasingly obsolete technological apparatus. Communicational failures play a significant role in the unfolding of the narrative. The malfunctioning radar equipment and the HF radio bear an equally disastrous impact on the operation, Wikipedia notes.

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Although The Good Shepherd was inspired by true events ⁠— the Battle of the Atlantic was the longest-running military campaign to take place during WWII — its main character is fictional. 

'Greyhound' was written by Tom Hanks.

Directed by Aaron Schneider — the creator behind the 2003 Two Soldiers, the 2009 Get Low, and the 2014 Into the Storm — the war drama promises plenty of spectacularly shot battle scenes, an action-packed narrative, and a close exploration of the internal life of an experienced marine who faces unfathomable dangers for the first time in his life.

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Written by Tom Hanks — who also penned the script of the 1996 comedy-drama, That Thing You Do!, and the 2011 Larry Crowne — the movie will feature a healthy ratio of eerily beautiful explosion scenes, insightful dialogues exploring the tense relationships between various crew members, and a handful of flashbacks capturing Ernest Krause's faraway past as a civilian. 

Elisabeth Shue is set to play Evie, Ernest Krause's long-lost lover, while Maximilian Osinski will appear in the role of Eagle. Other cast members include Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Karl Glusman, Stephen Graham, and Lee Norris. 

Greyhound will premiere on June 12, 2020. 

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